calm lap lanes of the 4 lap 25 yard pool

The Recreation and Fitness Center offers two pools.  An outdoor leisure pool is open seasonally.  Our 25-yard, four lap lane indoor pool is located on the first floor of the RFC, complete with a vortex and hot tub. An aquatic lift is available for swimmers who need additional assistance accessing the pool.

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Swim Lesson Full Path

Swim Lesson Full Path for Children Artwork

Parent-Tot Lessons (6M-3 Yrs)

  • Arm strokes, holding breath & blowing bubbles
  • Reaching for the wall, back floating
  • Climbing out of pool & getting an adult

Preschool Lessons (3-5 Yrs)

  • Lvl 1- Basic aquatic skills, how to be safe around water
  • Lvl 2- Independent aquatic locomotion skills
  • Lvl 3- Control of combined simultaneous arm and leg actions and alternating arm and leg actions

School Age Lessons (6-12 Yrs)

  • Lvl 1- Introduction to Water Skills. Front and back float with assistance, kicks on front and back with assistance.
  • Lvl 2- Fundamental Aquatic Skills. Front & back float unassisted, rolls over from front to back and back to front unassisted
  • Lvl 3-  Stroke development. Freestyle arms out of the water, introduced to backstroke arms
  • Lvl 4-  Stroke Improvement.  Backstroke arms unassisted, introduced to breaststroke arms & breaststroke kick
  • Lvl 5- Stroke refinement. Intro to butterfly kick, dolphin dives, & shallow dives
  • Lvl 6- Swimming & skill proficiency. Intro to butterfly arms, treading water for one minute, and intro to flip turns

Monthly Group Swim Lessons, Year Around!

Affiliation Session of 6 Lessons, 30 minutes each
URec Member $70 session
Non-Member $80 session

Private Swim Lessons

Private swim lessons offer one-on-one instruction for all ages and all abilities.  These lessons are 30 minutes long and can generally be scheduled any day the pool is open.

Private Swim Lesson Packages
Affiliation 5 Session Package 10 Session Package
URec Member $90 $175
Non-Member $108 $210


Partner or semi-private lessons offer one-on-two instruction for swimmers similar in age and swimming ability. It is recommend swimmers be at least 4 years old. These lessons are 30 minutes long and can generally be scheduled any day the pool is open.

Partner Swim Lesson Packages
Affiliation 5 Session Package 10 Session Package
URec Member $65 each person $125 each person
Non-Member $78 each person $150 each person

Private Swim Lesson Registration

Request Private Swim Lessons

Complete and submit the private lesson request form online or print and drop it off at Member Services. Following registration and payment of package, we will contact you to schedule your lesson at a mutually agreed upon time. 

For more information about swim lessons please contact Nichol Wills at or 256-782-8682.

Create a New Online Account for Non-Members

Don’t have a URec account? No worries. Follow these simple steps to create your new non-member account and register your camper online today.

  1. To create your Jax State University Recreation account navigate to
  2. You will receive an access code in an email from Club Jacksonville State University. Insert your verification code. *Verification Code is valid for 60 Seconds
  3. You will be prompted to create your unique username and password. 
  4. Complete your contact and emergency contact information and electronically sign your facility waiver. *Be sure to change the Country Section from Canada to the United States
  5. After electronically signing the facility waiver, you will gain full access to your account and can register all programs eligible for your status. 

*You must also complete steps 1 - 5 for yourself and each camper. As the legal guardian, please sign the waiver on behalf of the camper.

Register for child programs, i.e., camps and lessons, under the camper's account.

Pool Hours

During normal hours of operation the indoor pool typically closes 1 hour before the RFC. 

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