Phase Three

Phase Three - Roommate Selection

START TIME: Tuesday, March 12, 12:00 p.m. (noon)

END TIME: Tuesday, March 12, 11:59 p.m.

If you do not reselect your exact same room during Phase Two, you are eligible to select a roommate during this phase. 

1. Log onto THD Self Service

2. Under "Room & Roommate Selection," choose "Select Roommates."

3. Enter the information requested and select the individual(s) with whom you would prefer to live. 

To “match” and be confirmed as roommates, you and your preferred roommate must mutually request one another online.

You are not required to select a roommate during Phase Three, but have the opportunity if you so choose. If you do not have a specific roommate request, you can ignore this phase. Only current Jax State students who have submitted a housing application/lease agreement for next year are eligible to be selected as roommates during Phase Three. Students who will be new to Jax State next fall may not be selected at this time.


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