Break Housing Information

Thanksgiving/Spring Break

Residence halls close for Thanksgiving holidays in November and spring break in March. Residents are required to vacate their rooms during hall closings by the specified date and time that will be posted in the residence halls. During Thanksgiving holidays and spring break, residents may leave their personal belongings in their rooms. However, the Office of Housing Operations and Residence Life is not responsible for theft or damage to personal belongings. Continuous housing residents (i.e., Meehan Hall, Sparkman Hall, on-campus apartments, and The Pointe @ JSU) may remain in their assignment during all breaks and holidays. Residents staying for Thanksgiving break or spring break will be required to submit a Break Housing Request through THD Self Service.

Winter Break

Winter check out is mandatory during the winter break. Residents will be required to sign a winter check-out form and turn in their key. Residents must be preregistered for the spring semester and have all fees paid to check in and receive their key after returning from winter break. Residents not returning for the spring semester should properly vacate their assignment following normal check-out procedures, including submitting an Intent to Vacate for on Roompact.

Continuous housing residents (i.e., Meehan Hall, Sparkman Hall, on-campus apartment area, and The Pointe @ JSU) may remain in their assignment during all breaks and holidays. However, preregistration for the spring term is required for continuous housing residents to remain during the winter break. Residents staying for winter break will be required to submit a Break Housing Request through THD Self Service.

At the time of winter check out, each resident is responsible for having their room inspected by a RA. The resident is responsible for any damages not present at check in. If a resident fails to follow check-out procedures, in addition to any damages found, they will also be charged $50.00 for improper check out and up to $55.00 for a lock change. By failing to follow the proper check-out procedures, the resident may forfeit their right to contest any damage charges.

Note: Students will return to their same assignment in the spring. 

Check-Out Procedures:

1.  Remove all belongings you will need for break. Once the building is closed, you will not be permitted to re-enter the building under any circumstances. Please make sure you have any valuables, electronics, medication, and clothing that you need for the entirety of break. You are not required to completely remove all items from your room.

2.  Unplug all electrical appliances, microwaves, computers, alarm clocks, irons, stereos, etc. Defrost your refrigerator and remove all items.

3.  Set your AC/heat unit to low.

4.  Do not leave electrical appliances on the floor.

5.  Do not leave dirty dishes, dirty clothes, and open food containers.

6.  Do not leave perishable foods.

7.  Make sure all food containers are sealed and that no food is left out during the break.

8.  If you have a fish tank, please take the tank with you. Staff members will not be able to feed your fish in your absence. All emotional support animals should be taken home with you as well.

9.  Lock all windows.

10.  Residents should lower and close all blinds.

11.  Clean the room (i.e., mop, dust, sweep, and properly dispose of all trash).

12.  Contact an RA at the front desk and tell them you are prepared to check out. An RA will accompany the resident to their room to perform a check-out inspection. RAs are available to check out residents during 10:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. daily.

13.  Sign the winter break closing roster and give the room key and key tag to the assigned RA.

14.  Failure to complete check-out procedures will result in charges of $105.00 (i.e., $50.00 fine for an improper check out and a $55 fee for a lock change). 

Students who are not returning to Jax State for the spring semester should submit an Intent to Vacate form online through Roompact