About Us

Daugette Hall in the Fall

Our Mission

The Office of Housing Operations and Residence Life supports the academic mission of Jacksonville State University by fostering a vibrant living and learning community that cultivates personal development, celebrates diversity, promotes leadership, and enhances the educational experience of each resident.

Our Vision

To serve as a home away from home and the heart of Jacksonville State University, where traditions are valued, excellence is promoted and pride in one's self, school and community are encouraged.

Our Goals

1. Foster a learning environment that promotes the academic success of our residents.

2. Engage residents in opportunities to be involved in residential community improvements that meet the needs of the department.

3. Support the recruitment and retention of students consistent with the enrollment management goals of the University.

4. Achieve resident growth and learning through community service, employment opportunities, educational activities, and opportunities to learn lifelong skills.

5. Effectively recruit, train, develop and support a diverse team of staff members that strives to meet and exceed student needs and expectations.

6. Achieve ongoing professional and personal staff development.

7. Implement and utilize research, assessment, web-based services, and technology to focus continuous improvement in service to students, customers, and campus stakeholders.