The CISA is composed of a group of scientists and professionals dedicated to promoting and enhancing information security and assurance research and curriculum. A tenured faculty member with at least an Associate Professor rank is designated a senior scientist. A Ph.D member with at least an Assistant Professor rank is designated a scientist. All other members are given the appropriate and specific area specialist designation.

The organization is headed by a Director who is assisted by two Associate Directors who manage the two main areas of ISA: research and education.

The center is in operation throughout the year. Published research activities are maintained as technical reports and disseminated through this web site. The center's annual report is also published on this web site.

Dr. Eric Gamess Assistant Professor and Director, CISA
Dr. Jaedeok Kim Professor, Mathematics
Dr. Kihyun Kim Associate Professor, Information Systems
Dr. Sri Krishnaprasad Professor, Computer Science
Dr. David Thornton Associate Professor, Computer Science
Dr. Monica Trifas Associate Professor, Computer Science
Dr. Tanveer Islam Associate Professor, Emergency Management
Dr. Jeffrey Zanzig Professor, Accounting and Finance
Dr. Jane Kushma Professor, Emergency Management
Dr. Gretchen Richards Director of Sustainability, i3 2015 CORE Grant
Dr. Noureddine Bekhouche Professor, Applied Engineering
Jay Snellen Instructor, Computer Science