Post Award

Post-award administration refers to all administrative activities that take place after a grant or contract has been awarded. These may include a change of PI, a transfer of equipment, changes in the amount of effort put forth by key personnel, and the submission of progress reports.

Helpful Terms

Grantee Financial Report:  A report detailing how grant funds were used by an organization. Many  funders require this kind of report from grantees. A financial report generally includes a listing of all expenditures from grant funds as well as an overall organizational financial report covering revenue and expenses, assets and liabilities. The Controller’s Office can assist with certifying these reports.

No-Cost Extension: A no-cost extension is a continuation of a grant or contract without the award of additional funding. No-cost extensions delay the end date of a project or increment. Sponsored Programs can assist with requesting a no-cost extension from the funder.

Progress Report: Progress reports are scheduled periodic reports that may be required by the sponsor. Subsequent funding increments may be contingent on the timely submission satisfactory progress reports.

Sponsored Programs Accounting: The Jacksonville State University Office of the Controller provides post-award services associated with the fiscal management of sponsored programs, including establishing and maintaining the accounting and budget records for sponsored programs, interpreting sponsor and University fiscal policies for faculty and staff, providing financial information relative to sponsored programs, monitoring expenditures under sponsored programs for compliance with sponsor and University policies and procedures, preparing financial reports to sponsors, and carrying out all cash management responsibilities associated with the funding of sponsored programs.