In an effort to provide the information you need pertaining to purchasing, purchase orders, equipment inventory and management, establishing new vendors, etc. in one location, we have created a compilation of facts designed to answer your questions and provide guidance. However, should you need additional information or have a question, please contact us at ext. 5152 or email purchasing@jsu.edu.

  • State of Alabama law requires that vendors on purchase orders of $5,000.00 or more have a completed Vendor Disclosure Statement.
  • New vendors must submit a completed IRS Form W-9 to the Office of Procurement & Fixed Assets in order to establish an account.
  • The Purchasing Policy has been amended to allow purchases of $300 or less to be made using Direct Vouchers. Prior approval of the Director of Procurement & Fixed Assets is required.
  • Account code 76001 should be used only when an individual item costs $5,000 or more. Account code 76008 should be used for equipment items costing $250 to $4,999.
  • Direct voucher payments must include an explanation as to why a purchase order was not processed for the purchase. Direct voucher payments for utilities and legal services are the only payments that do not require an explanation.
  • The President, the Vice President for Finance & Administration, and the Director of Procurement & Fixed Assets are the only persons on campus who have the authority to sign a contract on behalf of the university.
  • Open purchase orders may be used when the Budget Manager expects frequent small purchases to be made from the same vendor.
  • Purchase Orders may be charged to as many as five (5) FOAP entries for a requisition.
  • Purchase orders may be amended only in quantity and price; new items cannot be added to a purchase order after the purchase order has been issued. Shipping/freight charges are not considered new items.
  • To look up a Vendor number, log into Banner Self Service and use Code Lookup at the bottom of the requisition form (change type to "Vendor"). In Administrative Banner, use form FTMVEND.  Click on the arrow box by Vendor and use F8 to query.
  • To determine the expenditure object code, log into Banner Self Service and use Code Lookup at the bottom of the requisition form (change type to "Account"). In Administrative Banner, use Form FTMACCT. Use F8 to query.
  • Submit any paper documentation for purchase requisitions to the Office of Purchasing as soon as possible.


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