My Requisitions and View Document

Using the Enhanced “My Requisitions” Process in Banner 9 Finance SSB

My Requisitions instruction are posted on the Finance procedures and instructions web page (along with new Financial Transaction Approval instructions)

  • Documents will no longer need to be emailed to Procurement.
  • Note: Obtain and attach all requisition back up documents before submitting your requisition (i.e. meal request forms, contracts, quotes, Disclosure Statements when exceeds $5,000, prepay invoices, etc.). Documents will be stored in the Banner Document Management System.
  • Save your requisition as a draft until you have obtained all documentation. Procurement may reject requisitions without complete documentation.
  • Requisitions in Pending status can be recalled prior to approval if changes or additional attachments are required.
    Pending Requisitions
  • Select Requisition
    Recall Requisition
  • Select Recall My Requisition. Requisition will return to Draft status. Select. Make the necessary updates and submit.
  • Once your requisition is submitted, notify your approver(s) that a document is awaiting their approval. Review “Approvals & Related Documents” under the View Document section (see below for more information).

Enhanced Version of View Document and View Approvals & Related Documents

  • Select “My Finance Query”
    My Finance Query
  • To “View Document” – Hover over the magnifying glass to view and select the “View Document” icon.
    View Document
  • The “View Document” search box will appear.
    View Document Number
  • Select “Document Type” and enter the “Document Number”.
    • View Document – PDF copy of the purchase requisition can be accessed
    • Approvals & Related Documents – information provided:
      • Links to documents uploaded during the requisition process can be accessed
      • Approval History – notify those in the approval queue if requisition is not approved
      • Purchase Order number (once assigned); PDF copy can be accessed
      • Invoice and Disbursement information once paid