Service Member Benefits

In order to certify your enrollment to the VA or process your state benefits we need the following paperwork from each military or veteran student attending JSU.

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  1. Chapter 31 (Veteran Readiness and Employment)
    • Tuition, books, and supplies
    • A VA Counselor decides if a veteran has an employment handicap based upon the results of the comprehensive evaluation.  Entitlement to services is established if the veteran has a 20% service-connected disability and an employment handicap.  If the disability is 10% service-connected, then a serious employment handicap must be found to establish entitlement to vocational rehabilitation services.
  2. Chapter 33 (Post 9/11 GI Bill)
    • Percentage of tuition, general university fees, book stipend, and monthly housing allowance.
    • Percentage is based on time spent on active duty (Basic Training, service specific technical/job training, and annual training do not count towards this percentage)
    • Can be Guard or Reserves but have to have spent time on Active Duty (AT and AGR do not count towards this percentage)
    • This benefit can be transferred to dependents prior to the servicemember leaving active duty.
  3. Chapter 1606 - (Montgomery GI Bill Selected Reserves)
    • Basic eligibility requires a 6-year obligation to serve in the Selected Reserve and satisfactory participation in required Selected Reserve training.
    • Chapter 1606 benefits are paid on a monthly basis directly to the reservist.
  4. TA (Tuition Assistance)
    • Tuition Assistance may be available through your branch of service, contact your Education Services Officer within your branch of service prior to enrolling to start the process.
    • Once courses have been approved by the branch of service, the service member needs to upload the TA Authorization form on underneath the Digital Forms section.


  1. ANGEAP (Alabama National Guard Educational Assistance Program)
    • This is a benefit for students currently serving in the Alabama National Guard (Army and Air Guard) that provides a generous tuition and fee scholarship.
    • To apply for this benefit, please complete the application (every semester that you want to use this benefit) and upload it digitally on underneath the Digital Forms section.
      • You must have a completed FAFSA on file for the semester that you are using ANGEAP.
      • You must be in good standing with your unit, meaning you cannot be flagged for any reason.
    • The applications will be processed at the beginning of the semester and the funds will be applied directly to your student bill.
    • When determining eligibility for the benefit, your total tuition and fees amount will be added up.  Then, any federal benefit you may be receiving (including Federal Pell Grant) and tuition-based scholarships will be deducted from that amount.