Work Order Requests

If you have an emergency during normal business hours of 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. (closed during lunch from noon until 1:00pm), please call ext. 5450 immediately. During lunch, after hours, weekends, & holidays, call the Campus Police Department at ext. 8888 for assistance.

Please be very clear with your information: name, contact number, time, exact location, and as much information as possible concerning the problem.

Work order requests can be initiated by anyone across campus and we encourage all stakeholders to report deficiencies. Common work orders are lights out, wet ceiling tiles, roof leaks, heating or cooling not working, stopped up toilets or sinks, tripped electrical breakers, etc. Minor issues can be handled in a couple of hours to two or three days depending on available materials and supplies. If your work order is not addressed within 48 hours and you have not had a representative communicate with you, please call 5450 and inquire.

Although we strive to be perfect, we are not and sometimes requests are overlooked or misplaced. Any work order not addressed within 1 week should be brought to our attention unless you have received specific communication from our department. Thank you.

Students:  To submit a work order, you must complete the Housing Operations & Residence Life work order form instead of the form below.

Online Work Order Request Form