Renovation Requests

Renovation Request: Form #29 

Renovations commonly include office suite modernization, classroom improvements, conversion of classrooms to offices and vice versa, and lighting improvements. Most common requests are floor covering replacement, paint, electrical upgrades and cabinetry. Deferred maintenance items are not considered renovations and are the responsibility of CP&F. These requests are initiated by a budget manager completing Section "A" of Form #29.

These requests may include work that will require significant labor, procurement of materials, or the services of a contractor. A representative will visit the site and develop an estimate on Section "B", then return it to the requesting department. The Renovation Request must have the authorization of a budget manager including an account number. These controls ensure that the work will be reviewed at the proper level before starting, and that sufficient funds are available to complete the work.

  • CP&F personnel will be charged at $18/hour per worker
  • Any supplies, materials, and equipment necessary to complete the renovation will be charged at cost.

Due to the day to day demands of the campus, self-performed renovations by CP&F take time and our personnel are limited. If timelines are critical, outside contractors are always quicker on medium to larger scale renovations.