Faculty Resources

Program Leader's responsibilities

IMPORTANT NOTICE: JSU's International Travel Risk Committee will need to review the destinations designated as Level 3 and Level 4 by the Department of State and/or Center for Disease Control and Prevention no later than 45 days before the travel date. Participants-students and faculty leaders are responsible to understand the cancellation and refund policies of the providers. In the event the program gets canceled for the safety and health of the participants, the participants will be responsible for any financial losses. 

  • Fill out Faculty Interest Page
  • Make an appointment with International House & Programs staff member Mrs. Chandni Khadka-Walsh at ckhadka@jsu.edu
  • Review Study Abroad Policies
  • Review Study Abroad Checklist and Procedure. Email studyabroad@jsu.edu for this information
  • Submit Study Abroad Proposal Form
  • Share the list of names and email addresses of students who have signed up in your program
  • Assist your students complete the JSU's study abroad process
  • Complete pre-departure orientation conducted by the International House and Programs 
  • Make an appeal to the International Travel Risk Committee at least 45 days prior to your program start date if your destination is designated at Level 3 or Level 4 for travel by the Department of State Travel Advisories. Email studyabroad@jsu.edu for the form. 
  • Review risk response plans sent to your JSU email prior to your departure 
  • Complete Incident Reporting Form for any incident.

*This is not an exhaustive list of responsibilities.