Help Us Find Our Lost Alumni

We are looking for 49 "lost" alumni, listed by Commission Date.  In order for them to receive any mailings from the ROTC Alumni Chapter they must be listed on the University's Master Alumni Database and annotated as ROTC.  If you are in contact with anyone on the list, please urge that person to contact the University at 800-231-5291, ask for the Alumni Affairs office and request to be entered on the database.  A Social Security Number (SSN) is not required in order for someone to be entered on the database.  The individual should also inform the office that he or she is an ROTC graduate and the date of commissioning.  If you know someone on the list is deceased, notify Alumni Affairs or send the office an email at .  You may also send an email to .  For record purposes, deceased members can be entered in the database with only a graduation or commission date, and persons who were commissioned but did not graduate may be entered as ROTC but Did Not Graduate.  Thank you for your help!

Dec 74

Brown, Michael Howard

May 74

Hodge, David Stephen

Aug 73

Knight, Johnny Carl


Coleman, Gary Lynn

Dec 72

Jolly, John William

Jul 72

Murphy, Ralph Allen


Mayfield, Walter Richard

Jun 71

Casey, John L.

Jun 71

Whitlock, James M.

Dec 70

Carrington, John R.

May 70

Campbell, Mickey J.

Jul 68

Abercrombie, Robert

May 68

Walker, David R.

Jan 68

Moore, Tony

Aug 67

Hampton, Thomas L.

May 67

Henderson, Billy R.

May 67

Mills, William F.

Jan 67

Henderson, Donald R.

Jul 66

Street, Bernard L.

May 64

Davis, Larry J.

Jul 63

Gates, Eugene L.

Jul 62

Hail, James H.

Jul 61

Brooks, Joseph H.

Jul 61

Rowe, Harry L.

May 61

Pruitt, Robert P.

Jan 61

Mulvanity, Thomas A.

Jan 61

Sims III, George J.

May 60

Leonard, Theodore J.

May 60

Morris, Jimmy R.

Jan 60

Davidson, James D.

Jan 60

Hancock, Donald L.

Jul 59

Shaw, Walter B.

May 59

Nicholson, Thomas L.

Jan 59

Jones, Billy B.

May 58

Jones, Jr., Samuel F.

Jan 57

Barnett, Robert A.

Jan 57

Glenn, Jack B.

May 56

Moore, James A.

May 56

Smith, Calvin L.

Sep 55

Parson, Joe L.

May 55

Lowery, John A.

May 55

Roberts, Kenneth C.

Apr 55

Lee, Curtis B.

Jan 55

Royal, James R.

Jul 54

Smith, James J.

Jun 52

Hardy, Jr., George

Jun 52 Morris, James E.
May 51 Rice, Charles H.
1950 Heath, Jollie J.