Shorter works by Elizabeth Robins

Stage Memoirs
Across America with 'Junius Brutus Booth'
On Seeing Madame Bernhardt's Hamlet

Dramatic Work:
Alan's Wife - The anonymous 1893 play
now attributed to Elizabeth Robins
and Florence Bell.
See also ERplays inclusive of essays on theatre

Uncollected Anonymous Early Fiction
  A Lucky Six-Pence  
  Dedicated to John Huntley

Fiction Collected in
The Fatal Gift of Beauty
and Other Stories

   The Fatal Gift of Beauty
   The Portman Memoirs
   Below the Salt
   Confessions of a Cruel Mistress

   'Gustus Frederick* and A Lucky Sixpence*
      *English edition, only, which was entitled
        Below the Salt and Other Stories

Uncollected Fiction, mid career

 Miss de Maupassant (1895)
"La Bellerieuse" (1898)
Geen Baceler
"Mrs. Bassett's Fall" from New England Magazine 1904
   (printed as by Elizabeth Robbins)
"Lady Quassia" 1905

Alaska Fiction
Monica's Village
Miss Cal
The Caribou Stand

Fiction Collected in
The Mills of the Gods
and Other Stories

The Threlkeld Ear
The Derrington Ghost
Monica's Village
Miss Cal
Under His Roof: A Story of Militant Suffrage
The Tortoise-shell Cat
The Mills of the Gods

Later Fiction

 "Lost and Found" (pdf of Harpers 1915)

Later Non Fiction
(see also Way Stations and

    Embryo Americans
    Christabel (Text without images)
        Scan of Original from Harper's Weekly
    War Service at Home
    Stretcher-Bearing for Women
    Women at Home and Beyond the Seas
    Conscription for Women
    A New View of Country Life
    Bolt Seventeen
    Good Housekeeping Articles 1922-23

Reviews by ER of books by Women Writers:
Lady Mary Wortley Montagu:
    A Modern Woman Born 1689
Gertrude Bell:
    A New Art of Travel, 1911
ER's Review of Constance Lytton's
    Autobiography, 1914.
Tribute to Evelyn Sharp
    Introduction to 1915 Rebel Women

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