Lactation Areas

There are several permanent lactation rooms available around campus. JSU is committed to making sure that lactation areas are available wherever they are needed.  However, if you need a lactation area in an area where one is not currently located, contact JSU's Title  IX coordinator at (256) 782-5769.

For more information regarding use of the Lactation Rooms, please refer to the Lactation Room Guidelines.

To use the Lactation Rooms, you need to fill out a Participation Agreement with JSU's Title IX Coordinator, 256-782-5769.

Lactation Rooms

SBI Lactiation RoomTo access to this lactation area stop by the Dean's office and request a key.  This area is equipped with:

  • refrigerator
  • sink
  • desk
  • chair
  • privacy
  • cabinet for storing pumping equipment
  • wall heater/air conditioning unit for individualized temperature preference

Library Lactation RoomThis lactation area is located on the 5th floor near the Children’s Corner. This area is equipped with:

  • rocking chair with footrest 
  • changing table (with some changing supplies, such as diapers)
  • refrigerator for storing breastmilk
  • near a restroom with sinks available
  • privacy

Lactation Room Rec CenterThis lactation area is located in the hallway to the Pool Entrance near the locker rooms. There is a Nursing Lounge in room 143, a family restroom, and personal lockers in the hallway.

The Nursing Lounge is equipped with:

  • comfortable seating
  • a small table
  • sink
  • trashcan
  • privacy

The family bathroom includes:

  • changing station
  • shower
  • restroom
  • sink
  • privacy

Lactation Room Use Guidelines

  1. Jacksonville State University (JSU) has established lactation rooms to further support the needs of women who may wish to continue breastfeeding after they return to work and/or school from maternity leave. This is one way that the University supports the mothers in its community and upholds its commitment as a Family Friendly Workplace and educational environment.
  2. The lactation room offers a dedicated comfortable, private, quiet space for nursing mothers to pump their breast milk during their time at JSU. The room contains two comfortable chairs, refrigerator, sink, electrical outlets, and cleaning supplies.
  3. The room is available to nursing mothers who are employees and students. However, you must register with the Title IX Coordinator to use the room on an ongoing basis. There is no fee for the use of the lactation room. To register for the room please complete the Lactation Program Participation Agreement and submit to the JSU Title IX Coordinator
  4. Users may access the lactation room only for the purposes of expressing, storing, and collecting breast milk. The door to the lactation room should be kept locked at all times.
  5. It is the responsibility of everyone using the lactation room to maintain a clean room ready for the next user. All breast milk spills must be cleaned using the cleaning solutions provided. (Please notify the Title IX Coordinator of breast milk spills that occur and have been cleaned).
  6. Expressed milk stored in the refrigerator must be labeled with user’s name, department, telephone number, and the date and time the milk was expressed.
  7. It is the responsibility of each user to remove stored milk by 4:30 p.m. each day. In the event of a power failure, during normal work hours (8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.), a staff member will contact users to retrieve their stored breast milk.
  8. It is the responsibility of each user to ensure that the refrigerator is kept clean.
  9. Please limit use of the space to activities associated with expressing milk only.
  10. Please ensure that the key is returned to the Title IX Coordinator and that you indicate on the key sign-out sheet the time that key is returned.