What is Suspicious?

  • Person screaming, cries for help or police.
  • Loud or obscene shouting indicating a disturbance.
  • An explosion or gunshot.
  • The sound of breaking glass.
  • Someone sitting in a vehicle for long periods of time.
  • Someone trying to break into a building.
  • Someone tampering with a motor vehicle.
  • Person(s) publicly displaying weapons.
  • Smashed doors or windows.

Suspicious Persons

Action Possible Significance
Person waiting in front of building or residence, especially when building is closed or owners are away. Casing a building/office/residence for a place to burglarize, burglary in progress.
Person carrying property at an unusual hour or in an unusual location: Leaving the scene of a burglary, robbery, or theft.
Person loitering around cars or going car to car peeking into them, especially in parking lots, carports, or on streets. Potential car thief or theft from vehicle.
Person exhibiting unusual behavior or physical symptoms. May be injured, under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or in need of medical attention.

Suspicious Vehicles

Action Possible Significance
A slow-moving vehicle (particularly at night with lights off) being driven aimlessly. Evaluating a place to burglarize or considering some other concerning behavior.
Vehicles being loaded with valuables if parked in front of closed residence or building. Suspicious even if the vehicle is a legitimate-looking commercial unit. Burglary or other theft in progress.
Unusual property in vehicles, especially at unusual hours. For example, TV sets, computers, and auto parts. Stolen property.
Persons being forced into vehicles. A kidnapping in progress, a sexual assault, or a domestic violence situation.