Outstanding Faculty Honored at 2022 Awards Ceremony


Provost Christie Shelton addresses faculty at the annual awards banquet held on the fifth floor of Meehan Hall on April 27. Photo by Austin Tillison.

by Buffy Lockette

Jacksonville State held its annual Faculty Awards ceremony on April 27, honoring outstanding faculty, celebrating those who received promotion and tenure, awarding service pins and recognizing those who are retiring.

The honorees included:


  • Campus Technology Leadership Grant: Dr. Eric Gamess, Mathematical, Computing, and Information Sciences
  • Cleo and Carla Thomas Outstanding Community Education/Service Award: Dr. Wendy Freeland, Music
  • Dr. George Mehaffey Excellence in Learning Technology Award: Tanya Sasser, English
  • Dr. William A. Meehan Legacy Award: Dr. Teresa Reed, English
  • Earlon and Betty McWhorter Outstanding Teacher Award: Dr. Jianping “Coco” Huang, Management and Marketing
  • Faculty Scholar Lecturer Award: Dr. Yuliya Minets, History and Foreign Languages


Associate Professor with Tenure

  • Dr. Oye Akisanya, Nursing
  • Dr. Eric Gamess, MCIS
  • Dr. Jianping “Coco” Huang, Management and Marketing
  • Dr. Sayyed Fawad Ali Shah, Communication
  • Dr. Jeremy Stovall, Music
  • Kimberly Westbrooks, Library


  • Dr. Jeremy Benson, Music
  • Dr. Benjamin Boozer, Finance, Economics, and Accounting
  • Randal Blades, Theatre and Film
  • Dr. H. Dean Buttram III, Criminal Justice and Forensic Investigation
  • Dr. Cynthia Connor, Curriculum and Instruction
  • Bryce Lafferty, Art and Design
  • Dr. James McGahey, Counseling and Instructional Support
  • Dr. Andrew Nevala, Music
  • Dr. Barbara Norvell (*with tenure), Curriculum and Instruction
  • Dr. Erin Rider, Sociology and Political Science
  • Dr. Jimmy Triplett, Biology
  • Dr. Jennifer Troncale, Curriculum and Instruction
  • Dr. Priscilla Wilson, Counseling and Instructional Support
  • Dr. James Woodward, Music

Distinguished Instructor

  • Rodney Bailey, English
  • Mica Mecham, English

Distinguished Professor

  • Seth Johnson, Art and Design
  • Jodi Poe, Library Services
  • Jamie Runnells, Art and Design

Faculty Earning Doctorate Degrees

  • Dr. Danyel Weldon Munster, Nursing


  • Marilyn Bougere, Nursing 
  • Dr. Sherron DeWeese, Nursing 
  • Dr. Ben Hardy, Finance, Economics, and Accounting
  • Dr. Augustine Ihator, Communication
  • Dr. John Jones, English 
  • Dr. Jane Kushma, Emergency Management 
  • Harry Nuttall, Library 
  • Dr. Roger Sauterer, Biology  
  • Dr. Bill Scroggins, Finance, Economics and Accounting 
  • Mike Stedham, Communication 
  • Dr. Arlinda Wormely, Nursing