College of Business & Industry 2020-Present Strategic Plans

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide our learners with a career-focused education emphasizing responsible judgment, innovative thinking, entrepreneurial skills, and service to their communities.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to serve the Southeast by being an integral, cooperative partner of the business community by assessing needs and providing the human and intellectual resources for the future.



We seek to provide our students with a learning-centered environment through which they become literate, articulate, and broadly educated individuals, who are knowledgeable in fundamental economic principles, the business disciplines, and the impact of global forces on domestic affairs. The curricula prepare baccalaureate and MBA graduates to be literate with information technology, ethically and globally aware, as well as analytical decision-makers who possess fully developed oral, written, and interpersonal communication skills. Graduates should be able to adapt to rapidly changing technologies and to adapt to a diverse work-place environment. The faculty seek to be recognized as excellent teachers and scholars, dedicated first and foremost to the development of students, through quality teaching, advising, and mentoring.

Intellectual Contributions

The College of Business and Industry values basic research, applied research, and instructional development activities of the faculty, with primary focus on applied scholarship (contribution to practice) and instructional development (learning and pedagogical research). The faculty believe that teaching and scholarly activity are interdependent, and that research enhances faculty effectiveness in the classroom and provides students with state-of-the-art business knowledge.

External Interaction

The College of Business and Industry seeks to take a leadership role in the economic development of the State of Alabama, specifically its Northeast region. The College promotes excellence in service activities consistent with academic and professional strengths of faculty and staff. Faculty and staff are expected to be a resource for the economic development of the State and region by extending their knowledge, skills, and values to society. Interaction with external constituents is fostered through a variety of efforts to include the Center for Economic Development, the Center for Economic Education, the Environmental Policy and Information Center, guest speakers, executives-in-residence, and advising groups.

Continuous Improvement

The College strives to provide quality undergraduate and graduate management education through traditional, as well as distance, delivery. The faculty, staff, and administration of the College of Business and Industry are committed to continuously improving the quality of our academic programs, our student support activities, and our service to the local and regional community.


Goal 1 - Student Experience/Engagement- Increase student engagement in organizations/clubs, experiential learning opportunities, and technology

Goal 2 - Career Development - Improve student workforce readiness by establishing a Career Development Center, providing technology to support the job search process, and continuing to develop current and relevant curricula

Goal 3 - Faculty Engagement- Ensure faculty engagement by utilizing faculty mentors, increasing the emphasis on faculty research and training, increasing the importance of and the number of faculty serving as student organization advisors/sponsors, and developing a faculty-driven assessment model to ensure continuous curriculum improvement

Goal 4 - Community Outreach- Increase the role of the Business faculty in assisting regional economic development through regional organization and event involvement and participation in regional industry initiatives resulting in student job placement and internships and faculty research development and expertise sharing

Goal 5 - Alumni Involvement and Support- Utilize the Board of Advisors and alumni to strengthen Business programs, provide expertise and support, and become more involved in our students educational experiences

Goal 6 - Growth and Funding - Increase financial resources and allocate funds to key areas to sustain CBI strategic initiatives and facilitate and support the CBI’s mission, goals, strategies, and expected outcomes