Safe Zone

The purpose of the JSU Safe Zone project is to provide advocacy, guidance, and compassion for students who are experiencing problems, difficulties, or crisis due to their sexual orientation or gender identity.  Students can locate Safe Zone areas by locating a Safe Zone sticker on the door of an advocate or through the list of advocates listed below.  JSU will offer basic and advanced Safe Zone training opportunities every semester to our JSU campus community.

Spring 2019 Training

Safe Zone Advocates

  1. Dr. Michael Boynton
  2. William Brannon
  3. Dr. Tina Deshotels
  4. Buffy Lockette
  5. Anh Nguyen
  6. Richie Rivas
  7. Dr. Staci Stone
  8. Adrienne Swindle

Resources for the LGBTQ Community

JSU Resources

  1. Office of Diversity and Inclusion -
  2. Counseling Services -
  3. Student Health Center -
  4. Title IX -
  5. LGBTQ Student Clubs/Organizations (Full Spectrum, Secular Student Alliance, JSU Students for Equality, Advocates for Intersex and Transgender Students) -
  6. LGBTQ Support Group - Group meets Mondays at 4:30 pm in JSU's Counseling office, if you are interested in attending please contact Charlotte Reaves at (256) 782-5475 or


  1. Trevor Project -
  2. It Gets Better -
  3. Human Rights Campaign (Alabama) -
  4. PFLAG -
  5. LGBT Rights Toolkit -
  6. ACLU Alabama -
  7. Magic City Acceptance Center -
  9. Health Services Center -
  10. 2nd Chance, Inc. -


  1. GLAAD -