The Elizabeth Robins Web: Credits and Disclaimer

The Elizabeth Robins Web

by Joanne E. Gates

Credits and Disclaimer

PARTIAL FUNDING for this research was provided by a Jacksonville State University Faculty Research Grant, 1996-7. Electronic texts at this site are published with the permission of Mabel Smith, literary executor, Elizabeth Robins estate.

PERMISSIONS. The published works of Elizabeth Robins housed at this site are in the public domain. However, permission to format them for hypertext was secured by the then literary executor of the Robins estate, Mabel Smith.

CURRENTLY (2021), and as listed in WATCH (Writers, Artists, and Their Copyright Holders), the unpublished works of Elizabeth Robins are regulated by Independent Age. Note this criteria:  

Since 2013 there is a policy in place which states that "we grant rights free of charge for PhDs, dissertations and academic research/publications. Anything likely to generate substantial income - mass publishing and other media - we will charge for and will negotiate on a case by case basis.”

See more of what Independent Age supports at their website,

Electronic formatting, introductions, annotations and hypertext versions are copyright Joanne E. Gates. The texts at this site may be used for unpublished research and for distribution in classrooms as long as they are made available in unaltered form and credit in citation given to Joanne E. Gates as hypertext editor.

You may NOT: store on another server, nor reformat, nor alter the hypertext, nor sell copies commercially. You may NOT reconfigure for the purposes of distributing on portable reading devices. You MAY print and use these electronic version to distribute at cost (for educational purposes) and use them teach. You MAY link this site or a document to your pages. As a courtesy, please notify Dr. Gates of your use of the material or your linking this Robins site to another web page. E-mail to:
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