Forms and Requests for Faculty

Procedures and Requests

Request a Course Enrollment Merge

Canvas Course Enrollment Merge - Please review this information to learn more about which course sections are eligible for this configuration.

Request a course merge from Online@JSU

Request a Course Copy

Canvas Course Copy - Reuse of certain content from term to term is part of the typical course preparation process for faculty. These step-by-step instructions provide important details for instructors wanting to complete this process themselves. Included are instructions for requesting assistance from Online@JSU

Request a course copy from Online@JSU

Request a Canvas Course Shell

Faculty at Jacksonville State University can request a Canvas course shell for a variety of reasons such as:

  • New Course Development
  • Departmental Needs
  • Non-Academic Office Needs
  • More!

Request a Canvas Course Shell

Beginning of Term Procedures

Exam Proctoring

Exam Proctoring - Honorlock is JSU's online remote proctoring solution integrated into Canvas. Honorlock is currently on a university-pay model and is free to students.

Request an LTI or APP

When Should an Instructor Request an LTI or APP?

LTIs and Apps can be added to Canvas to provide a new function or enhance an existing one. When should an instructor request an LTI or App?

  • To access vendor content or a way for one system (LMS) to send a user to another system (vendor) in a trusted way
  • To use tools outside the LMS environment and make them feel more "integrated" into the system
  • To extend grading or assignment capabilities
  • To provide an alternative to existing services
The LTI Approval Process
While adding new LTIs or Apps to Canvas can be exciting, Online@JSU is careful to integrate new ones due to various reasons, A major reason for such a thorough vetting process for new LTIs and Apps is the maintenance of a secure and stable LMS (Canvas). LMS maintenance and security is paramount, and a poorly designed or tested LTI tool could compromise the integrity of the LMS, causing system slowdown, breaches, or interruptions. For these reasons, beginning in 2021, all LTIs must go through an approval process that involves multiple JSU departments and could take up to 12 weeks or more depending on the LTI configuration.
Here is a summary of the steps that an LTI goes through for approval:
  1. LTI Request form submitted (Originator of request)
  2. Functionality Review (Online@JSU)
  3. Security Review (IT Systems and Security)
  4. FERPA Review (Office of the Registrar)
  5. Acquisition of LTI and its credentials (Originator's Department (if cost applicable) + Online@JSU)
  6. Bookstore Coordination (if applicable)
  7. Testing of LTI (Originator of request + Online@JSU)
  8. LMS Integration (Online@JSU)
Before You Request an LTI or App

Many LTIs have already been vetted by Online@JSU and have been added to Canvas. Examples include publisher textbooks by companies such as McGraw-Hill Connect, Pearson Revel, Pearson MyLabs, and MacMillon. Keep in mind, however, that usage may be limited to those having adopted textbooks from the specific publisher. Most importantly, while these (and other) LTIs and Apps have been installed by Online@JSU, and we will ensure the integration is as it should be, the tool and related functionality is not something we are able to support.  The LTI provider and/or faculty are responsible. 


Request a Canvas Global Announcement

Global Announcements offer brief and timely information to Canvas users. Global Announcements display as a notification on the top of a user's Canvas dashboard. Submission guidelines are as follows:

  • Requests should be submitted no later than 14 days ahead of the desired publication date.
  • No more than two Canvas Global Announcements will be displayed at one time.
  • Announcements are typically published on Mondays and remain for five business days.
  • To be considered for approval, Global Announcements must pertain to academic matters, technical issues, or be of interest to the majority of Canvas users.
  • Announcements are limited to 75 words. To keep announcements brief, consider publishing a document with additional information in another location and linking to it from your announcement. Note: The document will need to be properly formatted and approved by an Online@JSU representative. 

Submit a Canvas Global Announcement Request