Degree Programs in Music

Bachelor of Arts in Music

  • Concentration One:  Music Education *
    The Music Education degree has two areas of emphasis - Instrumental and Vocal.  The program is intended for students seeking Alabama state teacher licensure K-12 in either instrumental or vocal/choral areas.   Successful completion of the designated curriculum as well as meeting other requirements made by the State of Alabama Department of Education will fulfill the requirements for the issuance of the professional certificate to teach music in Alabama public schools on both the elementary and secondary levels.  The department seeks to insure that the musical competencies necessary to teach music are acquired and that the skills required to conduct music classes in a public school setting are developed.  This requires acquisition of a broad array of skill-sets and knowledge: theoretical, historical and practical.  In addition it requires thorough preparation and public demonstration of musical performance ability in a primary performance medium.
  • Concentration Two: General Music **
    The General Music concentration has two areas of emphasis - Instrumental and Vocal. This concentration is intended for students seeking a traditional liberal arts degree with a major in music.  It requires a non-music minor area as well as a foreign language.  It allows students to become immersed in music in a broad context.  The curriculum is complemented with electives which allow the student to choose the area of music he/she desires to pursue in greater depth.  Some students choose additional electives in the performance, area, others choose the theory area, etc.  This curriculum gives the solid structure of a comprehensive major field, a broad background in the liberal arts and allows freedom to pursue individual student interests as well.  It allows the student to prepare for specific career interest or for further study at the graduate level. 
  • Concentration Three: Performance
    The Music Performance has two areas of emphasis--piano or vocal.  This concentration is for the student desiring a performance career.  The typical student will follow this degree with graduate work in the concentration.  Individuals with a degree in Music Performance delve deeply into the repertoire of their field, and perform in studio classes, junior and senior recitals, and association competitions.  Courses in the degree include Applied Music, Literature/Repertoire, Pedagogy and a variety of special topics, in addition to general music core courses.  Students actively perform as soloists, collaborative musicians, with choirs and in opera productions.

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The undergraduate music programs at Jacksonville State University are accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music.

* Fulfills the requirements for the professional certificate to teach music in Alabama public schools on both the elementary and secondary levels.
** Requires a non-music minor.