Annual Course Rotations

300/400 level courses offered every fall only:

  • BY320 Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy
  • BY415 Biometrics
  • BY450 Molecular Biology

Offered every spring only:

  • BY323 Microbiology
  • BY340 Bioinformatics
  • BY434 Animal Systems Physiology

Offered fall of even years:

  • BY303 Biological Conservation
  • BY402 Medical Microbiology
  • BY409 Forensic Botany
  • BY413 Animal Reproduction and Development
  • BY442 General Entomology

Offered fall of odd years:

  • BY310** Environmental Education
  • BY403 Immunology
  • BY438 Freshwater Biology
  • BY452 Plant Taxonomy
  • BY477 Cell and Tissue Culture

Offered spring of even years:

  • BY406 Ornithology
  • BY419 Medical Botany
  • BY443 Medical Entomology
  • BY463 General Toxicology
  • BY472 Virology

Offered spring of odd years:

  • BY336 General Botany
  • BY417**Medical Parasitology
  • BY422 Biology of Cryptogams
  • BY458 Herpetology
  • BY470 Neurobiology

**Indicate courses on a loose rotation. These may be offered any semester and include BY310, BY331, BY417, BY435, and BY478.

Rotations are subject to change based on faculty availability and other factors.