Traditional Students

Traditional students

Are you a student with numerous passions and interests—so that you do not want to limit yourself to one major?  Do you have a professional goal that requires study in multiple disciplines?  The integrated studies major will allow you to take courses in various disciplines as you craft your own program of study with an experienced adviser.  Rather than attending JSU as “undecided,” declare integrated studies as you explore various majors or opt to design your own path to set yourself apart when applying for jobs and graduate school.

“Some people think that this degree is a ‘last resort’ for people who might not be sure what to
major in. Think of it as a ‘create-your-own’ option for something that might be a little deeper than
the run-of-the-mill majors. Because of the Integrated Studies degree path, I was able to create
my own curriculum based on other film programs in the south and utilize multiple departments at
JSU to make it a possibility.”

-Alex McFry, INS ‘17
Pursuing MA in Film, Florida State University