Career Options

Two students at radio console

What can you do with an integrated studies degree? Here are some career options:

  • Medical Illustration—courses in art, biology, chemistry
  • Video Game Design—courses in art, English, history, computer science, music
  • Science Writing—courses in English, creative writing, biology, chemistry
  • International Business—courses in business, Spanish, marketing
  • Art Therapy—courses in art, psychology, counseling
  • Senior Living—courses in social work, music, drama, recreation, psychology, art
  • Museum Curator—courses in art, history, business, English, drama
  • International Education—courses in English, history, French, Spanish, marketing
  • Public Relations—courses in marketing, psychology, English, Spanish, drama
  • Human Resources—courses in business, gender studies, English, psychology
  • Banking—courses in math, business, English, music
  • Archaeology— courses in biology, geography, history, art, geology

     “After switching to Integrated Studies, I was able to select those classes I knew would give me
      the best edge going forward and that would round out my education in an intentional and
      motivated way. I got opportunities to take classes in things like archaeology and fashion that
      have given me an advantage in grad school, but that I would have been unable to take had I
      been in a traditional major.”

      -Meg McCrina, INS ‘18
      Pursuing MA in Textiles and Material Culture and Graduate Certificate in Digital Humanities, University of Nebraska-Lincoln