Zantia Friday

Hey guys! My name is Zantia Friday and I’m excited to meet you all and to tell you about JSU. I am a sophomore. My favorite place on campus is the Recreation and Fitness Center. Can’t wait to meet you guys! Go, Gamecocks!!


Major: Respiratory Therapy

How She Knew JSU was the Right Fit:

I knew that JSU was the right fit for me when I attended Accepted Students Day. I instantly fell in love with the campus and the people.

Favorite Class:

Microbiology Lab.

Advice for New Students:

My advice for new students would be to get involved in different clubs or organization on campus and to enjoy college life.

Favorite JSU Moment:

My favorite JSU moment is when I went to my first college basketball team game.

Zantia Friday

Favorite Thing to Do Outside of Class:

Hang out in the UREC with some friends.

Most Surprising Thing About College:

The most surprising thing that I've learned about college life is how fun and easy it is to make forever friends.

Favorite Meal in the ‘Ville:

My favorite meal on-campus is Freshens; I usually get a KC BBQ Rice Bowl. My favorite meal off-campus is from Yamato Steak House of Japan.