Kallie Callan

Hometown: Anniston, AL

Major: Business

Most Surprising Thing About College Life:

I would say the most surprising thing I've learned about college would be you will use the library all the time. I never thought I would go into the library, but It is one of my favorite places to study!

How She Knew that JSU was the Right Fit:

When I first came to JSU I knew it felt like home away from home to me because of all the friendly people I met. Also, the classroom sizes were always a big plus for and that's how I just knew this was where I was supposed to be. 

Kallie Callan

Favorite JSU Moment:

My favorite JSU moment would be my first JSU football game. Cheering on the field for the very first time just gave me chills and it truly was one of my favorite memories of all time.

Favorite Class:

I do not take English anymore but in high school my favorite class was always English. I love writing papers because it makes me use my creative side.

Favorite Meal in the 'Ville:

My favorite meal would definitely have to be the Rocket! They have the best cheeseburgers.

Favorite Thing to Do Outside of Class:

My most favorite thing to do outside of class would be cheering or cooking!

Advice for New Students:

Advice I would give to new students would be to put yourself out there. Make as many friends as you can because college relationships will last a lifetime. I have met some of my best friends my freshman year and I do not know how I've gone this long without them!