J-STEAM Mission
The mission of the J-STEAM program is to offer high-level science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM) courses to high school students in JSU's service region. The J-STEAM program is sponsored by a grant that allows student tuition and course related costs to be completely free!

J-STEAM Program Information

Students who've already enrolled in or been admitted to JSU's Dual Enrollment Program:

  • Complete the J-STEAM Scholarship Application (access in MyJSU account by clicking the "View/Apply for Scholarships" link) 

Students who've never enrolled or applied to JSU's Dual Enrollment Program:

Through our J-STEAM Program, we have offered courses in the following subjects:

  • Calculus
  • Statistics
  • Graphic Design
  • Education Technology
  • Computer Science
  • and more!

View our Fall 2022 Course Listing 

J-STEAM is a program with limited availability. Students will be selected by a committee based on their J-STEAM scholarship application.

Students enrolled in J-STEAM courses will be awarded tuition and book scholarships to cover those specific courses. Students may also apply for Dual Enrollment Scholarships to cover courses taken outside of the J-STEAM program.

J-STEAM courses are selected by a committee made up of representatives from JSU's College of Education and Professional Studies, College of Science and Mathematics, Collage of Arts and Humanities, and College of Business and Industry (STEAM-related programs). Courses are approved for high school and college credit equivalency. J-STEAM courses offered will differ by semester and location. See the course offerings link above!

J-STEAM faculty are selected by the Dean of their particular discipline. Faculty selected for this prestigious program are some of JSU's best!

All J-STEAM students are also JSU Dual Enrollment Students. Students in this program have access to the same services as dual enrollment students. Please visit our Dual Enrollment page for more detailed information!