Special Interest Groups

Anime and Cosplay Club
To promote a love for anime and cosplay and to share knowledge of both. 
Advisor: Kim Westbrooks, Library Services, 256-782-5244
Email: kwestbrooks1@jsu.edu

Asgard Coalition
To assist new, upcoming, and smaller campus organizations. This includes providing help in event planning, recruitment, and attaining the resources they require to succeed and grow. 
Advisor: Karlie Johnson, Library Services, 256-782-5253
Email: kljohnson@jsu.edu

Ballroom Dance Club
To inspire a love of dance at JSU.
Advisor: Richard Kania, Department of Criminal Justice & Forensic Investigation, 256-782-5339
Email: rkania@jsu.edu

Criminal Analysis Club
To create a community that promotes interest in the criminal mind by studying the behavior of killers.
Advisor: Walter Haney, Department of Criminal Justice & Forensic Investigation, 256-782-5483
Email: whaney1@jsu.edu

El Latido de Mi Cultura
To raise awareness of and celebrate Hispanic cultures at JSU through education and action. El Latido will empower our members through their college journey by supporting them academically, mentally, and socially. We strive to break the social barriers that Hispanic students face by informing them and their parents about college opportunities, sharing stories of achievements, and celebrating accomplishments.
Advisor: Dr. Lance Ingwersen
Email: lingwersen@jsu.edu

A community of student, academic and business leaders committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to transform lives and shape a better more sustainable world.
Advisor: Rob Landry, Finance Economics Accounting, 256-782-8419
Email: rlandry@jsu.edu

Firebird Ultimate
To encourage and teach teamwork, to be competitive, to become physically fit and have fun.
Advisor: Tom Anderson, Department of Kinesiology, 256-782-5519
Email: tnaderson@jsu.edu

Freshman Forum
Provides freshmen an opportunity to gain unique leadership experience, develop professional and social skills, and create connections that will last throughout their duration at JSU and beyond.
Advisor: Keaton Glass, Dean of Students Office, 256-782-5491
Email: kglass@jsu.edu

Fuego Ultimate
To promote competition, confidence and team bonding in an athletic women led environment.
Advisor: Tom Anderson, Kinesiology, 256-782-5519
Email: tnanderson@jsu.edu

The mission of Full Spectrum is to promote a safe, non-judgmental environment for people of all sexual and gender identities and their allies.
Contact: Contact fullspectrum@jsu.edu  or Jacob Price at jprice9@stu.jsu.edu or call 256-782-8166

Graduate Student Nursing Association (GSNA)
The GSNA seeks to enrich the experiences of graduate nursing students through collaborative efforts to establish supportive activities that promote graduate student interest and values.
Advisor: Arlinda Wormely, Nursing Department, 256-782-8285
Email: awormely@jsu.edu

History Club
To encourage further learning and understanding of world history and our nation's great history.
Advisor: Llewellyn Cook, History, 256-782-8309
Email: lcook@jsu.edu

HOPE Women's Services (Help, Options & Pregnancy Education)-Formerly Sav-A-Life
To promote hope for students in a non-planned pregnancy and encourage life for the unborn. Counseling is offered for anyone in a pregnancy crisis situation or think they may be pregnant. Also, counseling provided for anyone that has had an abortion. We promote abstinence and we are pro-life. 
Advisor: Kay Coger, Teacher Service Center, 256-782-5574
Email: kcoger@jsu.edu

International Association of Emergency Managers JSU Student Chapter
The mission of IAEM is to serve its members by providing information, networking and professional opportunities, and to advance the emergency management profession.
Advisor: Tanveer Islam, Emergency Management, 256-782-5938
Email: tislam@jsu.edu

International Student Organization (ISO) 
To provide international students with a voice on campus and provide JSU with opportunities for global cultural learning. 
Advisor: Jason Mallet, International House, 256-782-5313
Email: jmallet@jsu.edu

JSU Climbing 
To promote the culture of competitive and casual climbing and bring awareness to the fastest growing sport in history.
Advisor: Paul Killen, University Recreation, 256-782-8697
Email: pkillen@jsu.edu

JSU Cycling
JSU Cycling encourages recreational riding as well as promoting students to attend local community cycling events.
Advisor: Lori Galloway Cochran, Kinesiology Department, 256-782-8279
Email: lcgalloway@jsu.edu

JSU Math Club
To promote the interest of mathematics among students.
Advisor: David Dempsey, MCIS, 256-782-5124
Email: ddempsey@jsu.edu

JSU Pride: Outdoor Initiative
The mission of the JSU Pride Outdoor Initiative is to create a safe, inclusive, and recreational group for LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, and allies to experience the outdoors while making connections with other people within the community.
Advisor: Cory Brock, UREC, 256-782-8682
Email: cabrock@jsu.edu 

JSU Strikers Bowling Team
To offer a new fun activity for JSU students to compete in bowling against other teams.
Advisor: CeCe Chavez, University Recreation, 256-782-8685
Email: cbchavez@jsu.edu

JSU Tabletop and Collectible Card Game Club
To provide a fun environment for all tabletop games.
Advisor: Kim Westbrooks, Library, 256-782-5244
Email: kwestbrooks1@jsu.edu

Keepers of the Village
To reach the campus and serve those in need.
Advisor: Vicky Trammell, College of Education and Professional Studies, 256-782-5292

Level Up
To provide a general understanding and interest of electronic gaming of the past, present and future.
Advisor: David Thornton, Computer Science, 256-782-5359
Email: thornton@jsu.edu

Model United Nations
Students learn about global issues by representing other countries in model simulations.
Advisor: Lori Owens, Academic Services, 256-782-8269
Email: ljowens@jsu.edu

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People-N.A.A.C.P. Youth and College Division
Creating a platform to give a political voice to the youth in the state. 
Advisor: Michelle Green, Academic Advisement, 256-782-8303 and Vicky Trammell, Teacher Certification Center, 256-782-5292
Email: amgreen@jsu.edu and vtrammel@jsu.edu

National Society of Leadership and Success
To help students gain leadership skills.
Advisor: Erin Rider, Sociology, 256-782-8477
Email: erider@jsu.edu

Nihongo Go! The Japanese Language and Culture Club
To celebrate Japan's cultural traditions and teach JSU students the Japanese language.
Advisor: Helen Kaibara, History and Foreign Languages, 256-782-8044 and Michael Boynton, Drama Department, 256-782-8428
Email: hkaibara@jsu.edu and mboynton@jsu.edu

Open Horizons JSU
Open Horizons JSU is an organization that will promote enjoyable activities without the use of alcohol and drugs and provide open forum discussions/education regarding these issues. Open Horizons will provide services to the community and Jacksonville State University to promote a substance free environment and safe recreational activities for students.
Advisor: Charlotte Reaves, Counseling and Testing, 256-782-8166
Email: careaves@jsu.edu 

Political Science Model Arab League
Students learn about issues in the Arab World/Middle East and the relations between the Arab World and other countries by participating in model simulations.
Advisor: Lori Owens, Academic Services, 256-782-8269
Email: ljowens@jsu.edu

Public Relations Student Society of America
To enhance the education of students and broaden their professional network and launch careers.
Advisor: Augustine Ihator, Communications Department, 256-782-8205
Email: aihator@jsu.edu

Residence Hall Association
Provide a voice and address the concerns of residents living in JSU residence halls and apartments.
Advisor: Audrey Simmons 256-782-6874 and Lisa Koontz, 256-782-8337 Residence Life
Email: amsimmoms@jsu.edu and lkoontz@jsu.edu

Scuba Club
To promote and share knowledge of scuba diving.
Advisor: George Cline, Biology Department, 256-782-5798 and James Rayburn, Biology Department, 256-782-5813
Email: gcline@jsu.edu and jrayburn@jsu.edu

Sigma Alpha Omega
To assemble Christian women in Christ centered sorority to glorify God by reaching women across the world. A sisterhood that equips women to grow in their relationships with Christ through unity and service.
Advisor: Betsy Gulledge, College of Health Professions and Wellness, 256-782-8129
Email: gulledge@jsu.edu

S.O.A.R (Survivors Overcoming Abusive Relationship)
To promote awareness and advocating against domestic violence, sexual assault and abuse and providing a positive voice for survivors everywhere.
Advisors: Linda Shelton, Counseling Department, 256-782-5475
Email: lshelton@jsu.edu

Society For Human Resource Management
To build and sustain partnerships with communities for HR professional.
Advisor: Hil Mayfield, Management/Marketing, 256-782-5272
Email: hmayfield@jsu.edu

Student Alumni Association
Prepares students for life after college while having fun in college. This organization allows students the opportunity to develop leadership and professional skills, while networking with JSU alumni.
Advisor: Brittany White, Alumni Relations
Email: bhwhite@jsu.edu 

Student Government Association (SGA)
Promote the welfare of the student community by providing an avenue for student expression, social activities and student services. All enrolled students are members.
Advisor: Cody Beck, Dean of Students Office, 256-782-5068
Email: cbeck@jsu.edu 

Student Veterans of America
To provide veteran and military affiliated students with empowerment skills to ensure academic and life journey success.
Advisor: Tashua Dennis, Veteran Services, 256-782-8840
Email: tbdennis@jsu.edu

The Choice @ JSU
The choice strives to promote different avenues and information for anyone seeking professional assistance for psychological disorders while also promoting global awareness on the positive benefits for psychology.
Advisor: Paul Hathaway, Political Science, 256-782-5652
E-mail: phathaway@jsu.edu

The Tocqueville Society
The Tocqueville Society seek to facilitate discussion and critical reflection among the student body regarding topics that lie at the intersection of politics and culture.
Advisor: Benjamin Gross, Political Science, 256-782-5651
Email: bgross@jsu.edu

Umbrella Alliance
Support, snacks, and speakers for trans and gender on-conforming students
Contact: Contact Erin Dempsey at edempsey@stu.jsu.edu  

Women's Issues Support and Empowerment (W.I.S.E.)
Through education and activism we seek to connect individuals with solutions to the problems we face in order to create a more balanced world where women's issues are addressed, women are supported in their endeavors, and empowered to make changes in their lives and ultimately society.
Advisor: Tina Deshotels, Sociology, 256-782-5350
Email: tdeshotels@jsu.edu

Writers Club
To inspire and encourage its members in writing their own stories.
Advisor: Dr. Kimberly Southwick-Thompson, English Department, 256-782-5498
Email: ksthompson@jsu.edu