Student Complaints

JSU has policies and procedures in place for addressing academic grievances and violations of the Student Code of Conduct. 

When you have a complaint that cannot be addressed through the above-mentioned procedures, we encourage you to resolve the issue through informal means with the institutional officer in the applicable area in which the complaint is made. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of informal proceedings, you may file an official complaint through our office (102 Angle Hall, 256-782-8054) or by using the form below. 

We will log your complaint from information provided on the form below:

  1. Date of filing formal complaint with the VPSA.
  2. Date the incident occurred.
  3. Date of any informal meetings with the institutional officer responsible for the area in which the complaint is made.
  4. Outcome of informal meetings.
  5. Nature of the complaint.

If the complaint falls within the policies and procedures for grievances already in place at JSU, the VPSA will refer the complaint to the appropriate institutional officer. Steps taken by JSU, and an outcome of the complaint will be on file in the Office of the VPSA.  In addition, the Office of the VPSA will keep a log of the complaint and implement investigatory proceedings relative to the complaint, if warranted.