Eligibility for Field Placement

Admission to Field Instruction

Students must apply for Field Instruction during the semester before the anticipated Field Instruction placement by submitting an Application for Field Instruction to the Field Coordinator. The application must be approved by the Admissions Committee before a student can participate in Field Instruction. JSU BSW Field Student Manual

Students applying for Field Instruction must attend the organizational meetings for Field Instruction held during the semester prior to placement. Students must meet individually with the Field Coordinator to discuss various placement opportunities. After reviewing potential placements, students will be referred to agencies to be interviewed regarding the placement. Following the pre-placement interview, the student, agency field instructor, and Field Coordinator will make a determination as to the appropriateness of the placement.

Eligibility Requirements for Field Instruction students applying for Field Instruction must meet the following criteria for admission to Field Instruction:

1. Students must have applied and been accepted to the BSW Program.

2. Students must have a minimum GPA of 2.50 in Social Work and a minimum overall GPA of 2.25.

3. Students must have successfully completed the volunteer placement. Evidence that a successful volunteer placement has been completed must be provided for admission to Field Instruction. Students should provide a letter of recommendation or performance evaluation from a community service agency as part of the application process for Field Instruction.

4. Students must adhere to a value system congruent with the National Association of Social Worker's (NASW) Code of Ethics. This will be assessed through student interaction in social work classes, interviews with faculty, and the completion of a self-awareness values exercise.

5. Students must have membership in NASW and must have malpractice insurance. Students must apply for membership in NASW, as well as malpractice insurance in the semester prior to placement for Field Instruction. The Field Instruction Application Packet given to students in the organizational meetings in the semester prior to Field Instruction provide information on and applications for NASW and malpractice coverage.

6. Student must have completed all courses required for the BSW degree with the exception of Social Work Practice III (SW 448), which is taken concurrently with SW 449 and SW 450. Exceptions may be granted on a case by case basis due to extenuating circumstances.

The following chart gives information about the details for Field Instruction.

Activity Point of Contact
1. Application to BSW Program BSW Program Secretary (309 BH)
2. Application to Field: Part I Form Ms. Robyn Snider (311 BH)
3. Application for Field: Part II Form Ms. Robyn Snider (311 BH)
4. Application for Degree BSW Program Secretary (309 BH)
5. Complete Resume Ms. Robyn Snider (311 BH)
6. Join NASW - Membership needed before
applying for Practice Liability Insurance
7. Purchase Practice Liability Insurance www.socialworkers.org
8. Email the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences Graduation Certification
(provide copy of email to Ms. Snider)
Sharee Hutchinson
9. Meet with Ms. Snider after you get response
from Graduation Certification
Ms. Robyn Snider (311 BH)
10. Optional: Submit completed DHR Stipend Ms. Robyn Snider (311 BH)