Transferring Courses

  • All general education courses from Alabama community colleges will transfer according to the STARS agreement.
  • Within psychology, only PSY 201 – Principles of Psychology, and PSY 222 – Human Development* will transfer from community colleges.
  • If you are transferring from another 4-year university, psychology courses will be initially evaluated by the registrar when you are admitted to the university.  However, if you think that a course you took somewhere else should be counted as an equivalent course, discuss it with your advisor and/or Dr. McKerchar, the Psychology Department Chair.
  • Similarly, if you want to take a course from another university to substitute for one of our courses, you will need a transient letter from the registrar’s office and approval from Dr. McKerchar, the Psychology Department Chair, before you take the course.

*Note that PSY 222 - Human Development will transfer as a general university elective, but it does not count toward a major or minor in Psychology.