Student Bills

As a student at JSU, it is your responsibility to pay all tuition and fees by the published due dates.  Not doing so will result in your registration being cancelled.  It is very important that you check your student bill in your MyJaxState portal on a regular basis to ensure that you do not have a due balance.  The following is helpful information regarding your student bill:

  1. Payment Due Dates - It is important to pay attention to payment due dates each term.  The university sends out payment reminders to your JSU student email on a regular basis starting several weeks prior to the start of each term.  For more information about how to pay your student bill, late registration fees, or tuition refunds for course changes, please refer to JSU's Payment Guidelines.
  2. Refunds - Students may be eligible for refunds once all of their funding sources (financial aid, pell grant, VA Educational benefits, etc.) have been applied to their student bills and there is money left over.  For more information on how the refund process works, please refer to JSU's Refund Policy.  
  3. Multiple Funding Sources - If you are using multiple funding sources (VA Educational Benefits, scholarships, PACT, State GI Dependent Scholarship, etc.) be sure to check your student bill frequently to ensure that all of your funding sources have been applied appropriately.  We highly suggest that you learn how each of these benefits pay out and how they affect the other funding sources that you may have.

If you have questions or concerns about your student bills, feel free to contact the Student Accounts office at (256) 782-5458.