Bomb Threats

When a bomb threat has been received, the University Police Department may issue a directive that all personnel are to evacuate the affected building or area. Such a directive is to be followed promptly to assure the safety of life and property.
  1. If the threat is by letter or note, protect the written message from handling.
  2. If threat is by telephone, keep the caller on the line and ask specifics: 
          •  exact location of the bomb 
          •  description of bomb device           
          •  what will make it explode      
          •  how to deactivate it      
          •  time of detonation      
          •  why was it put there
  • Analyze the identity of the caller (age, sex, mental condition, tone of voice).
  • Listen for background noises that might aid in identifying the location from which the call is originating.
  • Record the message word for word and the time the call was received.
  • Call the University Police Department at 911 and follow their instructions.
  • Do not call any other University officials. The Director of Public Safety will make notifications to other University officials.