Professional Development and Services

Online@JSU regularly partners with instructors across JSU to offer faculty a breadth of presentation and workshop options. Topics range from teaching and learning theory, online teaching strategies and techniques, best practices in online teaching and learning, multimedia, virtual classrooms, and building online and hybrid courses. 

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Online@JSU has learning opportunities for all, whether you are new to online teaching or an experienced teacher.  Please explore below.

Orientation to Online Learning at JSU

  • New to online learning at Jacksonville State University? Unsure of the services that Online@JSU provides? The Orientation to Online Learning at JSU provides an introduction to both Online@JSU and online teaching and learning at the university.

Canvas Basics Self-Paced Training Course

  • Always open and available to faculty. Completely online through the Canvas LMS. Faculty are automatically enrolled. Serves as a self-paced orientation to all things Canvas. Faculty are encouraged to complete the course.

Fast Track to Online Teaching

  • No Certification Attached. This is a significantly condensed course to help instructors prepare their online course quickly using best practices. The course lasts 15 days. You may enroll and complete the course at any time, but completion must occur within 15 days.

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Certified Online Instructor (COI) Course

  • A deeper dive into teaching online and online course development. Intended for 1) novices working with Canvas, 2) instructors new to teaching online,  3) instructors new to designing and building an online course, or 4) experienced instructors looking to freshen up skills in building and teaching an online. The COI is offered once per semester, with 40 seats available. There are two parts of the course: Part 1 - Teaching Online, and Part 2 - Online Course Development. To complete the course, an instructor is expected to build a complete online or blended course that meets accepted industry-wide standards in online course design and build and teaching online. 
    • Cohort 11 - Fall 2022 Coming Soon! 

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Custom training for colleges, departments, or other faculty/staff groups of five or more is available through Online@JSU.

Sessions can be scheduled at an agreed-upon campus location. (We are currently offering sessions through Microsoft Teams.) The faculty or staff member scheduling training will be responsible for reserving lab space, reserving necessary AV equipment (computer, LCD projector, projection screen), and ensuring that the lab computers meet system requirements for training.

Available Session Topics:

  • Accessibility & Best Practices in Design Choices
  • Best Practices in Building an Online Course
  • Best Practices in Teaching Online
  • Canvas LMS Basics - Overview of Canvas Global Navigation, Canvas Settings, Canvas Dashboard, and Canvas Help
  • Canvas Assessments - Canvas Assignment types, Canvas Discussions, and Canvas Quizzes
  • Canvas Course Building Basics - Pages and Modules, Course Settings, Course Tools
  • Canvas Course Building Advanced - CIDI Plus Design Tools
  • Digital Measures - accessing your account and uploading your information.
  • EvaluationKIT - how the process works and how to retrieve your student feedback evaluations/reports.
  • Honorlock and Turnitin - Honorlock (online test proctoring) and Turnitin plagiarism detection.
  • Kaltura Media Platform - Enabling Kaltura in your Canvas course, downloading the Kaltura Capture App, and getting started.
  • Teams (Microsoft Teams & Stream) - Teams basics, setting up a Teams meeting, accessing Stream, and retrieving archived video
  • Other/Special Topic - If you do not see a specific topic listed, you can submit a request and the request will be reviewed.


Each session will be scheduled for 30 to 60 minutes in length.


Each session will be delivered via Microsoft Teams. (Eventually, when things return to normal, sessions will also be available in 208 Self Hall or at an agreed-upon campus location.)


Please allow for 24 hours from the time you submit a request until the time you receive a response. After a request is submitted, you will be contacted to discuss session details and to schedule the session.

Request a Training Session

Online@JSU has professionally trained and credentialled staff that can assist you in ensuring that your course is designed using industry-wide accepted best practices. Our staff includes two senior instructional designers, an instructional designer, and a creative media designer. 

Course Reviews

An instructor may request a course review at any time. A typical course review can take 2 to 3 business days to complete after the request is submitted. During this process, our instructional designers each evaluate the course individually using industry-wide course evaluation instruments. Then, we discuss our findings with each other, summarize our feedback, and then contact the instructor for a meeting.

Course Review Process:

  1. Course Review Request is Submitted by Instructor or Department Chair/Program Coordinator
  2. Instructional Designers Review the Course Independently
  3. Instructional Designers Meet, Discuss Findings and Prepare a Feedback Report
  4. Instructional Designer Contacts Instructor for a Debriefing Meeting
  5. Debriefing Meeting -- At this meeting, feedback, and recommendations are provided, and an instructional designer is assigned to continue to work with the instructor to prepare the course.

What Do We Review During a Course Review?

During a course review, we review the following components:

  1. Course Organization
  2. Course, Program, & School Policies
  3. Course Design
  4. Assignment Alignment with Learning Objectives & Outcomes
  5. Communication and Teaching Strategies
  6. Learner Interaction and Engagement
  7. Materials and Course Software & Technology
  8. Accessibility 
  9. Mobile Compatibility 

Request a Course Review

Program Reviews

Deans, Associate Deans, Department Chairs, and Program Coordinators (all administrators) may request a program review. 

Program Review Process

  1. Program Review Request is Submitted 
  2. Online@JSU Instructional Designers Contact the Administrator who Submitted the Request to Schedule a Meeting
  3. Meeting between Administrator and Instructional Designers -- At this meeting, the administrator(s) will provide information that will assist instructional designers in completing the program review. Information may include administrator concerns about course design quality, concern about teaching pedagogy and strategies, interest in incorporating technology and software/apps, program goals, etc. 
  4. Instructional Designers Create Program Review Plan and Schedule that is Agreed Upon by the Administrator -- The program review process could take anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months or longer to complete based on the number of courses being reviewed and the expectations and concerns expressed by the administrator. The timeline will be agreed upon between the administrator and instructional designers.
  5. Instructional Designers Review the Courses Independently
  6. Instructional Designers Meet, Discuss Findings, and Prepare a Feedback Report for Each Course -- Findings are compiled into one report for the administrator.
  7. Instructional Designer Contacts Instructor for a Debriefing Meeting
  8. Debriefing Meeting -- At this meeting, feedback, and recommendations are provided. A program development plan will then be devised, created, and coordinated between the administrator and instructional designers to update, revise, or redesign courses. 

Request a Program Review

An instructor may request assistance in designing and building a Canvas course at any time. Instructional Designers are always available to assist faculty in preparing their courses. However, this process is intended for situations in which instructors would prefer that Online@JSU take a more direct approach in designing and building your course. 

The following course types can be created:

  • Web-Enhanced
  • Hybrid/Blended
    • Online Synchronous
    • Online Asynchronous
  • Online

In order to complete this process, instructors will be required to provide the following information to instructional designers with Online@JSU:

  • Course Syllabus
  • Course Calendar/Schedule
  • Assignment Directions/Instructions and Rubrics
  • Test/Quiz Banks
  • Textbook(s)/Reference Materials
  • Course Outline

Request Course Design and Build

Whether you want to improve the quality of a single video, or you want to increase your capability using video, Online@JSU has tools that can help you meet your goals. We have video kits available for faculty checkout via our online request form. With these tools, faculty can simply add a light to help overcome a dark office or leverage the technology to provide an enhanced virtual learning experience.

If you have any questions or would like training/tips on use, please reach out to our office, and a team member will be glad to assist you.

Items available include:

  • Desk Tripod
  • Floor Tripod
  • Raya Bendie Light
  • Phone Holder
  • Logitech 4k Webcam
  • Elmo Document Camera
  • Wacom Intuos Pro L

Documentation of specific items:

Raya Bendie Light - 

Logitech 4k Webcam - 

Elmo Document Camera - 

Wacom Intuos Pro L -

Wacom Intuos Pro Wacom Intous Pro L

Logitech 4k Webcam

Logitech 4k Webcam

Raya Bendie Light

Raya Bendie Light

Equipment Set-Up

Equipment Set-Up

Reserve a Faculty Video Kit


Online@JSU now has 35 webcams for students to reserve. Webcams can be checked out from the Multimedia Lab on the 6th floor in the Houston Cole Library.

See more information for webcam reservations.