Information Security Training

Jacksonville State University offers Security Awareness Training to its employees through the SANS Institute Securing The Human training modules.   Departments that work with personally identifiable information are urged to encourage their employees not only to complete the customized course of modules prescribed by JSU Information Technology, but also to view other modules that might not be included in these core modules but are related to their particular area.  For instance, those working in Finance might wish to view additional modules about PCI Compliance.

Beginning in the Fall of 2018, Security Awareness Training will be required for all employees.   This training consists of several modules covering everything from securely using mobile devices to avoiding email phishing.   The JSU Security access portal can be accessed at by using your MyJaxState credentials or through the MyJaxState portal.  

Cybersecurity awareness is an attribute that is important not only in your role as a JSU employee but also in your day-to-day personal activities.   It is hoped that this training assists in you making you more aware of and to better avoid the hazards of living in the information age.