MSE Instructional Leadership Program of Study

Masters of Education in Instructional Leadership (36 hrs.)- Online Program

Leading to a Class "A" Instructional Leader Certificate

IL 504:  Graduate Education and Technology (3)

EIM 503:  Computer-based Instructional Technology (3)

EFD 502:  Curriculum Development (3)

IL 510:  Action Research (3)

IL 553:  Leading for Learning (3)

IL 555:  Management of the Learning Organization I (3)

IL 564:  Law and Ethics (3)

IL 562:  Leading Change for Student Learning (3)

IL 556:  Management of the Learning Organization II (3)

IL 566:  Internship in Instructional Leadership (3)

EFD 552:  Diversity Issues in Education (3)

IL 576:  Internship in Instructional Leadership and Residency (3)


For more information, please contact:  Instructional Leadership Program faculty

Dr. Kimberly Warfield
Dr. Stacey Gill
Dr. Rasheda Bell