Family and Consumer Sciences - Human Sciences (Bachelor of Science)

Young female with small child on her back

Human Sciences is the most versatile concentration within the Family and Consumer Sciences discipline. The course requirements are representative of the discipline. You will take courses in nutrition, family life studies, fashion merchandising, child development, and hospitality/culinary management. This broad scope of courses will enable you to work in a variety of fields. Many Human Sciences graduates work with agencies such as Cooperative Extension Services and the Department of Social Services. Other possibilities for employment for Human Sciences graduates include a wide range of organizations that assist individuals, families, and communities in taking steps to improve the quality of life.

How to know if Human Sciences is the right FCS concentration for you:

  • Do you enjoy all the areas of FCS (childcare, culinary, fashion merchandising, family and human development, and nutrition)?
  • Do you enjoy helping others improve the quality of their lives?
  • Are you a good listener? Are you a compassionate person?
  • Do you enjoy helping others work through challenges in their lives?

If you answered yes to the above questions, then Human Sciences may be the right program for you! The career opportunities for Human Sciences graduates are as versatile as their degree.

Potential Careers

Chamber of Commerce - (Development Coordinator, Youth Advisor, Cooperative Extension Agent)

Non-Profit Organizations - (Director, Grant Writer, Office Coordinator, Project Manager, Client Advocate)

Public School Systems - (Access Facilitator, Media Specialist, Certified Nutritionist Practitioner)

University Positions - (Academic Certification Officer, Recruitment Scout, Enrollment Services Specialist)

Department of Human Resources - (Adult Protective Services, Child Protective Services, Food Assistance, Family Assistance)

Large Food Organizations -  (Product Development, Nutritionist)

Large Corporations or Hospital Systems (Personnel, Nutritional Department, Patient or Employee Advocates)

Entrepreneurial Positions (Personal Assistant, Lifestyle Coach, House Flipper, Seamstress/Alterationist, Make-up Artist, Home Organizer, Food Stylist, Food Critic, Caterer, Event Planner)

Virtual Entrepreneurial Positions (E-Boutique, Blogger/Podcaster, E-Lifestyle Coaching Services)

Median Annual Salary

The salary range is as varied as the opportunities.

Additional Facts

  • Online Degree Available
  • Minor Available
  • 93 - 100% Graduates are placed in employment within the first year after graduation