Finance (Bachelor of Science)

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Finance is concerned with the art and science of managing money. The finance discipline considers how business firms raise, spend, and invest money and how individuals divide their limited financial resources to achieve personal and family goals. This degree is ideal for students who are interested in running a business, reviewing financial statements, preparing budgets, analyzing securities, investing money, advising clients on their personal financial matters, and planning for cash flows in an uncertain future. Some finance professionals do all of the above in smaller organizations, while others working for larger organizations may specialize in only one or two areas.

Potential Careers

  • Commercial Loan Officer 
  • Credit Analyst 
  • Insurance Broker 
  • Insurance Adjustor
  • Insurance Sale 
  • Risk Manager 
  • Financial Planner 
  • Financial Analyst 
  • Securities Analyst 
  • Real Estate Appraiser 
  • Commercial Realtor

Median Annual Salary

Credit Analyst $52,747
Financial Analyst  $73,000
Risk Manager $85,660
Credit Manager $85,660

*Median annual salaries are from The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Course Information

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Additional Facts

  • Online Degree Available
  • Minor Available
  • JSU is Among the Top 5% of Business Schools in the World AACSB Accredited