Education - Teacher Leader (Education Specialist)

Teacher working with student

The Teacher Leader program equips experienced classroom teachers to be leaders in literacy, numeracy, curriculum development, and to serve as program chairs/department leaders, curriculum coordinators, etc., in K-12 schools.

Potential Careers

  • Teacher Leader
  • Reading Coach
  • Academic Coach
  • Grade-level Lead Teacher
  • Department Head
  • Teacher leadership role in the area of school improvement and curriculum development

Median Annual Salary

Teacher in Alabama  (Average Salary) $52,000
Source: Alabama State Department of Education

Additional Facts

  • Leading to a Class AA Teacher Leader Certificate
  • All coursework can be conveniently completed online with the support of a variety of digital tools designed to support learning.
  • Classes are small and allow students an opportunity to work with other school leaders from across Alabama.
  • All courses are project-based to provide students with authentic activities connected to their schools.
  • Students have opportunities to develop professional relationships with their JSU professors as they work together throughout their Instructional Leadership Program.
  • The IL Program provides assignment opportunities for students to impact achievement within their school or district.
  • Students have an opportunity to develop a mentoring relationship with their principal.

Online Program Contact

Dr. Stacey Gill  
(256) 782-5086
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