History (Master of Arts)

Young Caucasian woman walking in the ancient Egyptian temple in Luxor

JSU offers a 30-hour degree path to earn your M.A. in History. This degree prepares students to become specialized high school teachers, and qualifies them to teach at the community colleges. Choose the non-thesis option if you are heading toward a teaching career or the thesis option if you plan to pursue doctoral studies. This degree can be completed in the classroom or completely on-line.

Potential Careers

  • Teaching: Primary and Secondary Education, Community Colleges, Universities
  • Archaeology
  • Restoration
  • Libraries
  • Historical Preservation
  • Genealogy
  • Museum Researcher
  • Public History: Museums, National and State Parks and Historical Sites
  • Journalism
  • Politics

Median Annual Salary

High School Teacher


College History Instructor


Associate Professor of History


Museum Collection Curator


Museum Researcher


Park Naturalist




*Median annual salaries are from salary.com and indeed.com

Additional Facts

Graduate Certificates are also available: