Vicki Tinnon Brock

Assistant Professor of Geography
207D Martin Hall

I am a broadly trained geographer and enjoy conducting research in both human and physical geography.  My most recent research is a collaborative effort that focuses on obstacles to low income homeownership.  I am also working on manuscripts dealing with women in physical geography, Jewish settlement in the American Southwest, and the perception of the environment on health.  In recent years, I have used my GIS skills for a number of projects, including a summer stint working on databases in Mexico and creating the map for a history book on Native Americans.  I thoroughly enjoy teaching and working with students.  On a personal note, I enjoy hiking, camping, and photography.

Vicki Tinnon Brock

Courses Taught

  • GY 120 - World Regional Geography
  • GY 250 - Physical Geography I
  • GY 251 - Physical Geography II
  • GY 351 - Advanced Regional - Latin America
  • GY 431 - Special Topics - Water Resources
  • GY 431 - Special Topics - Biogeography


  • B.S., Geography, University of South Alabama
  • M.S., Geography, University of Alabama
  • Ph.D., Geography, Kansas State University