Josh Lang

Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Office: 232F Martin Hall

I am a physical chemist and materials scientist. My research is primarily centered on the thermodynamics and kinetics of heterogeneous chemical systems with a critical point of solution. My published works straddle the border between experimental and theoretical work. From an experimental point of view, I have examined solubility and ion exchange at the critical point of solution. From a theoretical point of view, I have helped develop a mathematical method for determining under what conditions a system will exhibit critical behavior.

Josh Lang

Courses Taught

  • CY 105
  • CY 106
  • CY 107
  • CY 108
  • CY 341
  • CY 342
  • CY 416
  • CY 421
  • PHS 202
  • PHS 203
  • PHS 204


  • BS - Chemistry from JSU
  • MS - Chemistry from the University of Alabama in Huntsville
  • PhD - Materials Science from the University of Alabama in Huntsville