Harald R. Duncan, M.S.

Harald DuncanInstructor of Criminal Justice

126 Brewer Hall
(256) 782-5335

Harald R. Duncan received his B.A. in History with a minor in German from Jacksonville State University in 1972. He also received his Teachers Certification in Secondary Education from Jacksonville State University in 1973. He received his Masters in General Education (with a major emphasis in Criminal Justice) from Jacksonville State University in December 2000.

Research & Projects

Mr. Duncan attended approximately 400 hours of training workshops over a 1-year period while employed as a social worker for the Alabama Department of Human Resources. This training involved learning about child abuse and child neglect cases, and how to effectively handle these situations. The training concentrated heavily on the causes and theories of child abuse and neglect. Mr. Duncan was instructed on the various aspects of the juvenile court system, and the varieties of children with whom the Alabama Department of Human Resources works. In this training, major emphasis was also placed on how a family's problems could affect children. Solutions for these problems involved social workers learning how to counsel families and how to offer advice and assistance. Many times, help would come in the form of referring the family to specific agencies. Therefore, as social workers, Mr. Duncan and his colleagues became very acquainted with many of these useful resources.

Mr. Duncan attended approximately 300 hours of workshops and training over a 10-year period while working as a probation and parole officer for the Alabama State Probation and Parole Office. This training involved learning about the criminal court systems of Alabama. These courts included city or municipal courts, district (misdemeanor-type) courts, and circuit (felony-type) courts.

Mr. Duncan has taught 10 different classes in the Department of Criminal Justice at Jacksonville State University. These have included Juvenile Agencies, Theories of Crime Causation, Corrections, Probation and Parole, and Security.