Internships provide students with crucial real work experience, which is often required to fulfill numerous degrees before a student can launch a full-time career. These internships also give companies highly qualified, motivated students who meet the needs of the company. Before hiring an intern, a company must identify where and what type of work interns can complete in order to be an asset to the company.

Calhoun County Chamber

The university has invested in a partnership with and the Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce, which will provide JSU students and employers a way to review internship postings and resumes posted in a stored database.

For more information, please contact Carlos Acosta, Career Specialist, at or 256-782-8486.

Places where our students have interned:

  • Gadsden Museum of Art
  • Walnut Gallery
  • Anniston Museum and Gardens
  • Anniston Army Depot
  • JSU Longleaf Studios
  • JSU Theatre
  • JSU Marketing Services
  • JSU College of Arts and Humanities Dean’s Office
  • JSU Housing Services
  • JSU Athletics
  • Creedmoor Sports
  • Cahaba Design Company
  • Knight Eady Creative
  • Hood Packaging
  • Utah Shakespeare Festival
  • The Lost Colony
  • Stage Door Manor
  • Des Moines Metro Opera
  • The Shakespeare Project
  • Longleaf Studios
  • Gigantic Sequins Literary Journal
  • JSU Writing Center
  • Drum Corps International (DCI)
  • Winter Guard International (WGI)
  • Oxford Performing Arts Center
  • Alabama Symphony Orchestra
  • JSU Music Academy
  • Jamison Taylor’s School of Music
  • Atlanta Quest Indoor Drumline, Atlanta, GA
  • Buck Hill Falls Club, Buck Hill Falls, PA
  • Calhoun County District Attorney’s Office, Anniston
  • Gadsden Country Club, Gadsden
  • Railroad Park, Birmingham
  • Share House, Douglasville, GA
  • Victory Baptist Church, Rockmart, GA
  • Disney