Frequently Asked Questions

Advising and Registration

What do I need to do to get advised and registered for classes?
  1. Any new student, whether a first-time freshman, first-time transfer, or change of major, should contact the CBI Advising Center for an initial academic consultation. The Advising Center may be reached at 256-782-8533, office location 170 Merrill Hall.
  2. Class schedules are viewable on your MyJSU and on the JSU webpage at
  3. Advisement is open; students can make an appointment in the Advising Center. Each semester's information is continually updated so check often, plan early, make a trial schedule and get it approved so that you can register before classes are at capacity.
  4. Degree evaluations and transcripts are now accessible in MyJSU. Any discrepancies found should be discussed during advisement.
  5. Pay all fees when due to prevent your registration being voided.

Are "DROP" and "WITHDRAW" the same thing?
NO. DROP refers to a change in schedule but the student remains enrolled in at least one or more courses. The term "withdraw" is when a student discontinues enrollment in all classes. Withdrawals must be processed in the Registrar's Office, 113 Angle Hall.

Undecided Management Program

What is the Undecided Management Program?
The Undecided Management Program (60 semester hours) is a combination of general education and lower division business core courses. All business majors must complete the Undecided Management Program with a minimum 2.0 GPA to proceed in the program.

Since Undecided Management is my major, what if I make a D in a Undecided Management Course?
Within the Undecided Management coursework, a 2.0 GPA is required to proceed to a major. If a D is earned in a Undecided Management course, that grade can be offset by earning a grade of B in another Undecided Management course.

When will I be assigned a major advisor?
At the end of each term, final grades are posted in each Undecided Management student file. As each file is updated is reviewed, those students who meet the requirement (2.0 P/B GPA) to proceed are assigned a major advisor specific to declared major. Students will be notified by email to JSU email address with new advisor contact information. From that point, students meet with major advisors for information regarding upcoming registration and advisement, internship and job opportunities, etc. Faculty are not on campus every day but do maintain office hours and have that information available to students. Know what your advisor's schedule is, plan early, keep any and all scheduled meetings with your advisor. If you are not able to keep a scheduled appointment time, be sure to call and let the advisor know you will not be able to make the appointment.

What majors are available?
The College of Business and Industry currently offers the following majors and concentrations:

  • Accounting
  • Applied Manufacturing Engineering (Concentrations: Manufacturing Management, Design and Automation)
  • Applied Electronics Engineering
  • Communication (Concentrations: Digital Media Production, Public Relations, Digital Journalism)
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Management (Concentrations: Human Resources, ECommerce/Information Management, Entrepreneurship)
  • Marketing
  • Occupational Safety and Health Management

What minors are available?
The following minors are available within the SBI:

  • Accounting (18 semester hours)
    ACC 200, 210, 301, 310, 372, and three additional hours of 300-400 level Accounting courses
    Refer to current JSU Undergraduate Catalog for specific course requirements.
  • Business Administration (24 semester hours) Not available for BS Business majors
    ACC 200, 210; FIN 292, 301; MGT 301, 305; MKT 301, and ST 260
    Refer to current JSU Undergraduate Catalog for specific course requirements.
  • Communication (21 hours)
    COM 200, 205 or 315, COM 301 or 375, COM 320 or 325, 9 hours of COM electives
  • Economics (18 semester hours)
    EC 221, 222, 303, 321, 322, and three additional hours of 300-400 level Economics courses
    Refer to current JSU Undergraduate Catalog for specific course requirements.
  • Finance (18 semester hours)
    FIN 301, 441, 474, and nine additional hours of 300-400 level Finance courses
    Refer to current JSU Undergraduate Catalog for specific course requirements.
  • Information Management/E-Commerce (18 semester hours)
    IME 375, 475, EC 475, MGT 301, CS 400, and one of the following:  FIN 300, MKT 301 or MGT 330.
    Refer to current JSU Undergraduate Catalog for specific course requirements.
  • International Business (21 semester hours) - Only available to BA_EC students:
    CBA 396, FIN 301, 434, MKT 493 (requires MKT 301 as a prereq)*, EC 450 (requires EC 221, 222 as prerequisites)* 3 hours of a foreign language, and either PSC 305 or PSC 432.
    * This information is provided since these prerequisite courses are in addition to the actual requirements for the minor.  Also refer to current JSU Undergraduate Catalog for specific course requirements.
  • Management (18 semester hours)
    MGT 301, 305, 385, 468 or 490, and six additional hours of 300-400 level Management courses.
    Refer to current JSU Undergraduate Catalog for specific course requirements.
  • Marketing (18 semester hours)
    MKT 301, 361, 378, 395, 495 and three additional hours of Marketing courses.
    Refer to current JSU Undergraduate Catalog for specific course requirements.

Do I have to declare a minor?
Not necessarily.  For business majors, a minor is not required but is allowed.

What minors are available in the College of Business & Industry?

The CBI offers the following business minors:

  • Accounting (18 semester hours)
  • Business Administration (25 semester hours)
    • (Not available for Business majors)
  • Economics (18 semester hours)
  • Finance (18 semester hours)
  • Information Management/E-Commerce (18 semester hours)
  • International Business (21 semester hours)
  • Management (18 semester hours)
  • Marketing (18 semester hours)
  • Urban Economics/Real Estate Development (24 semester hours)
    **This minor is available only for B.A. Economics majors.

How many hours do I have to have to be a sophomore, junior and senior?
  • 0 - 32 semester hours earned Freshman 
  • 33 - 64 semester hours earned Sophomore 
  • 65 - 96 semester hours earned Junior 
  • 97 + semester hours earned Senior 

What if I want to transfer coursework from another school to JSU?

Correspondence courses may not exceed 12 semester hours. Only hours on which a "C" grade or better has been earned will be accepted. No credit is granted for courses through correspondence in the following areas: English composition and grammar, speech, professional education courses, beginning and intermediate foreign language courses, and science courses with required laboratories. Written approval must be obtained by the Dean prior to registering for correspondence work.

An official transcript of transient coursework upon completion is required.

What is the ECE?
The English Competency Exam (ECE) is a University requirement for graduation for all JSU students. Eligibility for the ECE consists of a.) completion of EH 101 and 102 and b.) 60 semester hours earned. Register on MyJSU. Students who have not attempted the ECE are not allowed to take the exam for the first time and graduate in the same semester. This is University policy and is stated in the JSU Undergraduate Catalogue. Therefore, students are urged strongly to complete this exam during the junior year.

What other tests do I have to take to graduate?
All business majors must take the ETS Proficiency Profile (EPP). This is a general education achievement test and should be taken during the student's graduating semester. Information about this exam may be obtained by going to and viewing the information.

Business majors pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree must also take the CBI Business Test. This test is taken during the student's graduating semester.

For other assessment-based testing within a particular major, a student should consult with his/her major advisor.

How do I apply for graduation?
Preferably two semesters before the anticipated term, a graduation audit should be scheduled with Mrs. Haas. During the audit process we will discuss completed, current and projected coursework, as well as current and projected GPAs. Information about how to submit an application for degree will be provided. The ECE and the graduation audit are critical components of tracking toward graduation and both should be planned in a timely manner so as not to delay graduation.

What if my name is not on the class roster?
If this occurs, you are not registered for the course. Logon to the Student Access System and print your schedule to confirm your class schedule.

What are general electives outside business?
Students are required to elect a certain number of courses, which do not directly relate to their major field. Elective hours are those needed to fulfill your degree requirements. The number of elective credits needed will be reflected on the checksheet for your major.

Where do I buy books?
Students may purchase textbooks from the JSU Bookstore located in Theron Montgomery Building (TMB) and Jacksonville Bookstore located 302 Mountain Street NW in Jacksonville. Many students also purchase through online resources.

How can I find a tutor?
JSU offers free tutoring through ACE - Academic Center for Excellence. Anyone interested either in being tutored or providing tutoring should contact ACE @ 256-782-5343. Sign up early in the semester. Don't wait until the week before finals!

What resources are available to help me decide on a major?
In addition to the CBI faculty, who are available to discuss career opportunities with students, JSU's Career Development Coordinators are available to assist students with career concerns. As students enter JSU, they are encouraged to take a Typefocus Assessment, and this personality questionnaire provides career suggestions. The information within TypeFocus also encourages students to explore their identified options. Access to the assessments is available through a student's MyJSU account, under the Student Links section of the MyJSU homepage. Students can also review the results with their Career Development Coordinator, and students can opt to continue meeting with their College's coordinator to explore their interests, work values, and lifestyle preferences to aid them in exploring specific careers. To schedule an appointment, call 256-782-5886, email or visit them in room 173 of Merrill Building.

Must I purchase a parking decal?
Every student, whether attending day classes or night classes, is required to purchase a parking decal if they have a vehicle on campus. Any such car parked on campus not displaying a current JSU parking decal is subject to governing regulations.