Who We Are

We are PACE (Prevention, Awareness, Collaboration, Education), JSU’s Coordinated Community Response Team and anti-violence initiative. 

We are a compassionate, multidisciplinary alliance cultivating a culture of respect and committed to eliminating sexual assault, domestic and dating violence, and stalking through prevention and response efforts for our entire JSU campus community.

Our team came together after receiving federal funding to address gender-based violence on campus.

The Federal Office on Violence against Women awarded JSU a $ 300,000 grant over three years. The Campus Program strengthens the response of institutions of higher education to the crimes of sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence and stalking on campuses and enhances collaboration among campuses, local law enforcement, and victim advocacy organizations.

The grant period runs from Fall 2019 to Fall 2022 and is divided into a first-year planning phase, followed by a calendar year of implementation (2021) and an additional year of implementation, adjustment, and evaluation. The grant can be re-applied for twice. 

Join us!