Web Services

Web Services

JSU Web Services is responsible for the management and oversight of all academic and administrative websites within the jsu.edu domain. Our team works with appointed web editors university-wide to guarantee that our site as described in the JSU Web Policy is achieved and maintained. It is expected that all appointed web editors will be properly trained and have the ability to work independently and confidently to maintain quality standards. All requests for assistance from the Web Services team must be submitted via the Web Help Request form.

In addition to general oversight and development of the website, JSU Web Services will conduct annual full content reviews of all sites in our domain and train web editors to ensure that quality is maintained. Below is the annual schedule of academic site reviews. Administrative sites will be reviewed on a rolling schedule. Deans, department heads and directors will be contacted by Web Services prior to their review month to set up an initial meeting to begin the process.

Training for web editors will take place on a rolling schedule and must be completed annually to ensure that JSU’s web guidelines and best practices are followed, the university’s enrollment marketing strategy is carried out, and ADA compliance is achieved.

Academic Schools Content Review Schedule

Current school site under review is indicated with an asterisk. Site reviews take an estimated 3 months to complete.
  • Health Professions and Wellness
  • Business and Industry*
  • Arts and Humanities
  • Education
  • Human Services and Social Sciences
  • Science
  • Library

Currently, we are not granting new editing access to Cascade until the Content Review process has been completed.

Please Note: This schedule is subject to change, as some schools and departments are larger than others and unforeseen delays can occur. All deans/department heads are asked to review this schedule and notify Web Services if it doesn't align with your goals/objectives. "Gamecock Gateway" sites (top level sites accessible from the JSU Homepage) will always be given highest priority and will have rolling content reviews. The Web Services team is ultimately responsible for working with stakeholders to make certain that these pages are kept up to date.