Memberships to the RFC

We are thrilled to hear you are interested in joining the new Recreation and Fitness Center at JSU. Please read below to find more information on the membership types available. 

Membership Hours

Membership Services is open during normal RFC facility hours. View Hours

Services Included in Membership
Memberships include full use of the Recreation and Fitness Center including weights and fitness equipment, indoor track, gymnasium, pool and locker rooms. Membership also includes towel service, daily locker use and participation in group fitness classes via drop-in registration. Instructional classes/programs, special events, and one-on-one services will be offered at a market driven fee. See specific program information for more details.

JSU Students JSU Faculty/Staff & Retirees JSU Alumni
JSU Affiliated Household Adults

Lockers Available for Rent
If you wish to rent a locker along with your membership, the monthly cost for members is $10 a month or $120 for the year. This charge will be billed at the same time as your membership dues. 

JSU Students
All students have full access to the Recreation and Fitness Center during the semester in which they are enrolled. A valid JSU student ID is required for entrance. Student memberships can be activated at the RFC Member Services Desk by taking a photo and signing a waiver. Students should allow 24 hours after registering for classes to activate their membership as information is uploaded overnight. University Recreation reserves the right to determine access based on enrollment and drops. Students under the age of 18, will require a parental/guardian signature on the facility waiver prior to using the facility.

Access Dates

Access dates are based on the semester (fall, spring and summer). Student access starts on the Saturday before classes begin.  Student access ends 1 day before the next semester classes begin.

Semester Start End
Spring 2019 January 9, 2019 May 13, 2019
Summer 2019 May 14, 2019 August 20, 2019
Fall 2019 August 17, 20 January 7, 2020

JSU Off Semester Students

JSU Students who are not enrolled in the current semester but completed the previous semester are eligible to purchase this membership.  Completion of the previous semester is verified at the time of purchase by providing a copy of previous semester schedule / grades.  Students who are attending JSU for the first time in Fall 2019 are also eligible for this membership.  Registration for Fall 2019 courses will be verified at the time of purchase.  The fee is payable in full at time of registration or billed monthly.

 Semester   Membership Start   Membership End   Full Semester   Half Semester (May 1 - June 23 or June 23 - August 20)  Monthly Rate
 Summer 2019  May 1, 2019  August 20, 2019  $190  $95  $48

JSU Visiting Students

Non-JSU students who are in the Jacksonville area are eligible to purchase a visiting student membership over the Summer.  To qualify, visiting students need to present a valid student ID from their college or university and proof of enrollment from previous academic semester.  Visiting student memberships are available between May and August.  The fee can be paid in full or billed monthly.

 Semester   Membership Start   Membership End   Full Semester  Monthly Rate
 Summer 2019  May 1, 2019  August 20, 2019  $208  $52

JSU Faculty/Staff & Retirees
All current & retired JSU employees are eligible to purchase memberships. As an added benefit, employees will have the ability to choose payroll deduction as a method of payment. Proof of employment will be verified at time of purchase by presenting a valid JSU employee or retiree ID.

Monthly One Year Up Front (10% Discount Shown)
$32 $345

JSU Alumni
Any active dues paying member of the JSU Alumni Association is eligible to purchase a RFC membership.  Proof of Alumni Association membership will be verified at time of purchase by presenting a valid JSU Alumni Association ID card.  Alumnus must show a valid state ID or driver's license to activate their membership.

Monthly One Year Up Front (10% Discount Shown)
$42 $453

JSU Affiliated
Friends and affiliates who regularly make contributions to the University through their services and financial contribution or are employees of entities that work full time to support the mission of Jacksonville State University are eligible to purchase an affiliated membership. These members include: Sodexo, Barnes and Noble, and all other approved contracted or outsourced employees working on behalf of Jacksonville State. Proof of affiliated relationship with JSU is required at the time of purchase.

Monthly One Year Up Front (10% Discount Shown)
$52 $561

Household Adults
JSU Students, Alumni, Employees and Retirees are eligible to add a household adult with the same address as member (18 years of age or older) at an additional rate. Additional account members may not exceed 1. To establish eligibility household member must present two recent documents showing current shared address. I.E., government issued ID, utility bill, lease agreement or etc. The household member is not eligible to have additional household members added onto their account. All household members are attached to the primary member’s account and membership payments are deducted through the primary member’s account. Household accounts may not stand alone; a primary member must be active in order for their eligibility to continue with the facility.

Monthly One Year Up Front (10% Discount Shown)
$24 $259