Alice Abernathy

Alice AbernathyCoordinator, CORE Scholars
Daugette Hall Room 126 

Alice Abernathy is the CORE Scholars Coordinator working with dual enrollment. Mrs. Abernathy earned a BS in Secondary Education with concentrations in French and English at the University of Alabama in 1993, an MA in English at Jacksonville State University in 2006, and she was a Fellow of the JSU National Writing Project in 2000.  Mrs. Abernathy has served as a classroom teacher for 19 years in both private and public schools in Alabama and Georgia.  

As one of the components of the CORE Initiative is to transition students into college smoothly and successfully through dual enrollment, Mrs. Abernathy brings her expertise working with high school students to the college level to help bridge the gap between the high school environment and the college experience. The goal of the CORE Scholars Dual Enrollment program is to provide improved dialogue between not only the college and the secondary teachers, but also between the college and the student better preparing the student for college life.  As CORE Scholars Coordinator, Mrs. Abernathy supports high school/DE teachers, serves as a resource for students and parents, and collaborates with participating schools to better serve their needs while ensuring the level of academic integrity of the dual enrollment courses.

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